Skills that can change the life of any man

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2014_PBtObUhmDEsSYTraditional men’s magazines often write about what should be able a real man and what skills to possess, and without fail. We also have some great articles on this subject where you can read about how to get out of a sinking car, cut down a tree,cook the skewers on the grill and much more. This is good. Practicing is even better! Ideally be able to do something that really could improve the quality of your life in the realities of the modern world. For example…

1. To quit that want to quit

With your crazy work schedule and busy personal hard to restrict yourself to do something that can give momentary joy. Dude, what about Smoking? Of course, you know how it is harmful, and now expensive. I thought you liked these moments of solitude, when you could shamelessly to slip away during working hours «for a smoke» and to carve out ten or fifteen minutes of idleness, while non-Smoking colleagues you home look full of hatred and the most good wishes.

Don’t know why you decided to quit this addiction (health, savings, a friend who has consumed all the brains, the clothes, smelling of nicotine), but we definitely support you and want you in any case did not seem. Experts and doctors have a multi-faceted approach to solving this problem, it all depends on the degree of dependency. But there are a few universal tips that you can use in between reading pages of the famous book by Allen Carr.

1. Constantly remind yourself why you decided to quit this bad habit. Seriously, dude, all the time.

2. Join a support group (even if it is a group or forum of the same poor fellows, as you, the Internet).

3. Talk to your friends and family members that you trust.

4. Run, jump, do some push-UPS – anything to improve your blood circulation and get away from the thoughts in the physical world of action.

5. Avoid situations that provoke you to do what you want to quit. Or, to put it simply, not thumps.

2. How to finish the conversation

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2014_FHjpRqM5kXWCIEach of us was in a situation when you desperately wanted to stop this gentle leg and quickly end the conversation. And to do it tactfully so as not to offend the interlocutor. The longer the dialogue, the faster the growth in the size of an elephant named «Inconvenience», who hid in the corner of the room. You smile, nod, slowly moving backwards to the door, but it’s so far away… And then you’ll play the honesty. Of course, not the honesty of the series: «Hey, man, I’m sorry, but this is really boring stuff, which is absolutely uninteresting to me. I’ll go from here. Good evening!»

We have in mind that you need to end the conversation when it needs to end. As soon as the window or pause the other person will OTSM after your farewell jokes, show some courtesy and firmness: tell me what you need to welcome other people who are in the hall (if we are talking about a public event) or return to his cooling food. And you might be surprised at how well it can work the classic handshake, which is paired with the phrase, «Well, it was nice to talk to you.» It is unlikely that the other person does not shake the outstretched hand, and what to say next, since you already said goodbye?

3. How to have a conversation about anything

Work.kom.ua_28.11.2014_qIXVZ5ndkKZadOh, those elevators in tall office buildings! How would you not pressed the buttons to quickly close the door at the last second some piece of shit that constantly slap you in the eye, but not even you buddy pokes his leg and walks into the cabin. And here it is… the awkward silence: it seems familiar, sort of not.

This is just one obvious example, and you’re probably often faced with situations where it is necessary to conduct a civilized conversation, light and unobtrusive. Incidentally, this type of dialogue has its own name – «Small Talk», and businessmen spend a lot of money to attend training seminars for mastering the art of that kind of chatter. This is the beginning of any communicative interaction with the unfamiliar or even a stranger – to talk about anything, so to speak… And nothing is what, exactly?

Scientists from the Institute for the study of consciousness (Indiana University Southeast) – Yes, there is – developed plan of how to act in such situations. Remember, experts say that, in fact, the content of the conversation is not so important, the main thing – to create a friendly atmosphere, it will be remembered over time.

1. Say Hello and statements appropriate to the obvious point about something (And: Phew! Well, the frost on the street! No: my, what funny shirt You have on! You have a corporate carnival?).

2. Will.

3. Ask open questions, i.e. those which do not accept a simple «Yes» or «no».

4. Unfold theme.

5. Say goodbye and don’t forget to thank you for the conversation.

So that’s something!

4. How to overcome fear of rejection

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2014_qILPtHTlVhnljIn this issue will help only with time and practice. You should as often as possible to meet your fear face to face. Especially if this fear has a beautiful face and nice Tits. Well, what’s the worst that will happen if you once again try to pick up a girl? Max you clean the face if it’s going to see her boyfriend, the CCM in Boxing.

But the pain, oddly enough, teaches us a lesson, it teaches us perseverance, builds character and gives understanding that life goes on, and your head is not meteorite fell after a failed attempt. That’s what you have to remember. Moreover, you may never see the woman who rejected you. Is it worth the worry? Not lucky right now – lucky then!

5. How to use Photoshop

While across the country, raging fires at plants burning photographers, your level of knowledge about the program is at a level just below the floor. Let’s say you want to slightly improve your avatar or just tired of being the last coach a powerful train of progress.

There is only one real tool that you need to start: the magnetic lasso. The tool is intended for allocation of objects with high contrast and sharp edges. Magnetic Lasso can be found in the Lasso tool group in the toolbar. If you have already downloaded a tutorial for dummies, the next thing to pay attention to «curves», «levels», which are two of the most important and powerful things in Photoshop. Remember? Curves, levels, and «magnetic lasso».

6. How to listen (to listen)

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2014_79kAS7pY3XxOxNot enough to maintain the conversation in order to make a good impression. Show that you really listen to the interlocutor, make nice to his Ego and provide a reputation as the coolest guy. The scheme is simple in the extreme:

1. Pay attention.

2. Check out visually what you noticed.

3. Repeat what was said.

4. Ask questions to show that you heard and now understood exactly.

7. How to speak in front of people advice: know what you say. In all the details. And don’t rely on the slides. Speak as if engaged in dialogue with every human being on a pedestal. Well, read our article separately on this topic.

8. How to make healthy food tasty

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2014_KKibhNZfaHyIxWhether it’s chicken, rice or vegetables, wholesome foods need not be tasteless. A little mustard or sauce of vinegar, olive oil and fresh herbs can turn a strange something in the microwave with something suitable. Throughout look for an alternative: mashed cauliflower instead of potato, spaghetti squash instead of regular pasta. Olive oil is full of healthy fats and lends a savory, full-bodied taste of even the most unpalatable. Discover the world of herbs and spices. Sauces and seasonings. Cook the rice in chicken or vegetable broth. Moisten dry chicken breast with something sharp or butter. Yes, will have to work a little to learn culinary skills. Well, what do you want… Although we know a girl who will cook for you.

9. How to stop living passively and achieve their goals

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2014_DXBIzhpmZVUEaTry to put together a huge amount of material we have been devoted to this topic. How old your body turns oxygen into carbon dioxide? So, while this process is underway, your life is not over. She is not over 25 or after 35 or 40.

To plan for the future is as important as it was in your school years. Only now that you’re financially stable, you can hire a car and accept things much easier because of their experience and age. Think of what you want today, tomorrow, next month, next year, because you’re a big guy, and you have enough money and energy to achieve your goals.

Let’s clearly separate the points of our plan of action.

1. Write everything in terms of what you want to achieve. Don’t be shy, the paper can endure.

2. But stay realistic.

3. No «water». Only the specifics.

4. Set timelines and flowcharts (what you need to do to achieve the desired?)

5. Start. Dominate.

Simple process, easy circuit with an incredibly powerful result.

10. How to recognize and defeat negative thinking

You refuse to take decisive action when you’re afraid of losing, when you think you are unworthy, or you are tired of rejection (see point 4). So why are these extra experience, because you can just do nothing! Negative thinking spreads with the speed of a malignant tumor and is actually very easy to succumb to such «confidence» in the failure. It’s much harder to swim against the tide and fight for the desired achievements. What can we do with this cowardice, unworthy of a real man?

1. Keep an open mind. Analyze and understand the nature of their doubts.

2. Write down all these thoughts. When they are expressed in a concise way on paper, but not satisfied with the drama in your head, everything looks much easier. Exactly as really.

3. Now think about what happens to a bad (worse) if you take the risk and endure failure.

Fired? She sucks! So, for obvious reasons, you’ll be somewhat limited in the financial question, but it’s a great chance to find something more suitable and well-paid! Those gloomy picture you have drawn in mind, it’s not real. Your imagination does not make it negative true. It is only in your head.

4. Take these thoughts, create counter-arguments why they are not true. Stop emozionanti and use his own logic against himself. Think about all the possible alternatives and scenarios of the story. When there will be innuendo, fear will not stay. Remember that life is moving forward.

11. How to raise a friendship, not just to participate

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2014_OIi102OeDvhUSTo stay in contact with people nowadays is easier than ever before. Seriously. Remember the good old days, when messages are transmitted only via telephone or letters samaskom on «soap»?

Friendship and friends grow with us over time. We can still feel like children, when surrounded by our best friends, but things have changed: we remain a casual laugh, but over different things. Earlier you asked me to «borrow» poltos to buy a cassette of new films Schwartz, and now the same poltos, but to pay the rent. The concept is the same, but different scenarios.

Take part in the concerns, problems and experiences of their friends at least on the verbal level. Soperezhivat and sympathy, offer to help if one fell on hard times. You only need human involvement! If you and your friends from school/University scattered across the country, find time at least once a year to meet them. Sometimes call by phone or Skype, not limited to only social networks, because one day it may happen that you realize that haven’t seen my best friend for five years. And you, dear reader, as our faithful friend, we are again giving out free advice.

•Take yourself;

•Accept others;

•Be empathetic;

•Don’t compete don’t be jealous;

•Listen and take;

•Respect boundaries.

12. How to let go

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2014_HOrSvbLoxf5gVIt’s hard to let go. Some people struggle with this for many years, even when the relationship is officially terminated.

It is necessary to forgive. Not to forget, but to forgive. The word «release» already carries a negative connotation, it is a loss, which is unsettling for one reason or another. You don’t want that. Are you against it. You don’t let go. You don’t agree. Just who you’re making it worse dude, all these damstredet? Take it for what it is, and move on. Empathy is the sign of a Mature mind. Everyone has demons that live deep inside. Just some are much more dark and evil than others. But this freedom of choice, and you can’t chain yourself to the person… Although you can, of course, but it is a criminal offense. How to do this horrible deed? Let’s try to briefly summarize.

1. Decision-making.

You’re making a huge step and move past something that you may have created over the years. Of course, it will take time. Not scary. The grain is sown.

2. Determine your decision.

Say something, write something, give vent to feelings that you’ve kept all this time. But you should clearly realize that’s not how relationships work only one wrong side. You are responsible for.

3. Stop being a victim.

Well, it’s not want to comment. This behavior only worthy of a pimply boy who was dumped by the love of his fifteen years of life.

4. Don’t turn it off.

«Neotrusteeship», in fact, leaves some part of yourself in the past. And you need to benefit from it.

5. Forgiveness.

Hey, you don’t have to talk if you happen to face, nose to nose in the Mall. Do not go to extremes. Don’t need the next day spread in social networks photos surrounded by some cheap prostitutes – it’s fun, but it is a pity – or to pretend that you are not familiar with, or Vice versa to go into the memories of the glorious days in the past. The past is the key word. Time you not on the way, wish each other good luck and go in opposite directions.

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