Six free apps to read e-books

manygoodtips.com_22.01.2015_AvjKKgZP6O99EThe digital revolution and the price of «real» books make possible the assumption that the paper edition will soon sink into oblivion. Application developers have created many different ways to enjoy reading with a computer, phone or tablet. Today we will introduce you several popular and free apps that are as convenient as functional.

1. Kindle


One of the most famous book apps, which works on any platform. With it, you can easily download any book from Amazon, but unfortunately, the choice of Russian literature there is not very rich. The application has a simple and intuitive interface, reminiscent of the design of iBooks. You can also select the text you want, save it to the cloud and transfer to a separate document or a digital Notepad, for example, in Evernote. Cloud-stored copies of all the books purchased on Amazon or uploaded to the cloud via bound to the e-mail.

2. iBooks


Apple’s official app – a simple and convenient tool for all lovers of books and Apple gadgets. As in the first embodiment, iBooks has a sleek and simple interface, easy search function-transparent synchronization with iCloud and built online store, iBooks Store, for those who do not recognize piracy.

3. Calibre


Great app for the more adventurous consumers of digital books. Created for PC and Mac, this is a very powerful piece of software which, among other things, allows you to convert files from Kindle and other ebooks in the right format for you. The modular system allows drivers to easily add devices plus Calibre can search metadata about books and covers in the global network by author, title or ISBN. In General, if you want to get the maximum control over your collection of digital books then Calibre is what you need.

4. Pocket


A very handy app which will save your device from unnecessary cluttering with all sorts of bookmarks to resources or articles that you want to read, but for some reason later». Pocket can keep for you any kind of content on websites, including books or stories posted on the Internet.

5. Audible


Application for uploading, storing, and listening to audioverse books. The app itself is free, and signing up for a subscription service, you receive a free «credit,» which will pay for one audiobook of your choice. After this, the app requires money. But once you will be able to enjoy the attraction of unprecedented generosity, so choose and download the book more.

6. GoodReads


This program is not limited only to the function of «reader». GoodReads offers to join the large community of readers, giving the opportunity to share their collection of books and offers a wide range of reviews for thousands of titles of various works.

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