Six dudes saved a hedgehog from a package

The love of nature and our younger brothers is always amazing! Especially when it is not just love in words, but also love and business.

Six British volunteers more than three hours fought for the life of a hedgehog that got into the packet of crisps. The guys from special teams to rescue the hedgehogs (Fig, friend, that for them there is nothing to do) immediately arrived on the scene and helped spiny bro to escape.

It happened in the resort town of Weston-super-Mare Mayor. The hedgehog was attracted by the smell of food emanating from the package that lay under the stairs, to get back prickly animal couldn’t.

To extract a barbed bro out of the death trap, the volunteers sawed the railing of the stairs and thus took it from there. During the operation of the prickly beast was nervous and felt a huge shock. Of course, many people that saw there, scratching, talking, and all of them are huge and you’re small and, besides, the hedgehog.

If not for these animal lovers to hedgehog left to live for very long. Now the beast is in the special nursery in the town of Prices that is very close to Weston super Mare where there was a story.

Though the feat of small, but still, well done guys!

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