Situation when you can shed a tear

manygoodtips.com_14.11.2014_O0z5ga5nAHhjJWell, what’s wrong with that? Why is your friend you can cry about the lack of sweets, but you can not? After all, you love it as much as she did. What kind of injustice? Need to figure this out! Dude has a right to a miserable tear.

Actually you have a lot of reasons to cry, and we already wrote about how when men can cry. Now consider a slightly different situation that should concern any dude.

1. When she does Blowjob

There are several reasons. Or she just makes shitty and you uncomfortable, or have time to bite you in the worst place. What are the words? Because everything is clear: every man who has ever felt this pain, you will understand that tears are appropriate here. And in that moment, when you completely defenseless.

Well, how so? Why it’s causing so much pain? You even had the idea to never allow it to his cock, but she disappeared immediately after a friend showed his new underwear on.

2. When small Tits

You’ve waited for this moment for months. And finally you see that long-awaited movie at her house. Of course, will be followed by the first sex. You want to get rid of her clothes, but… How so? Who came up with that damn push-up bra? You were expecting to see something else.

And then I realize that was counting on a serious relationship and, of course, will not abandon a friend because of small Breasts. Now you’re in for a long time is associated with these small Boobs. It is not excluded, of course, that soon you’re going to love.

3. When a paper cut

Do you feel it? This is one of the most vile events in your life. It was inevitable, every man must go through it. You’re finally one of us! This moment will forever be etched in your memory. Perhaps now you’re more like literature in electronic media, and the smell of books will no longer be so important.

4. When swells

It all started as standard, with mugs of beer and ended up sitting in the empty bar already with angry waitresses who have to serve you is an unknown amount of time.

If you’re drunk with a friend, then most likely, you will begin to talk about life, how to appreciate friendship, and about your ex, family, work and so on. Typically, these conversations are always of high humidity. And that’s fine.

5. When the roommate killed

Already been killed. He dared to eat the salad, made by your friend. Or maybe ate a yogurt that you were thinking all night. You see this empty jar in the bin, and the hand she reaches for the knife.

You couldn’t think of anything better than to eat his sausage. Student life is so, surely you’ve been through it.

6. When not pizza

You ordered pepperoni and waited for her for two hours. Finally heard the coveted doorbell. He quickly rolled to the courier the amount due, ran to turn on the film and pour a coke, opened the box, and there… vegan pizza with beans.

As it is insulting and it hurts.. Where’s my meat pepperoni? And it is already cunning to devour and happy vegan friends.

7. When your favorite band went mainstream

Most importantly, you do not bothering anyone, just lived and enjoyed his beloved art. And there’s some padovka buys a VIP ticket to the concert of your dreams. This juvenile crap doesn’t even understand what it means for lovers of this show.

You, of course, as before listen to this group, but will now begin to re-rethink his pathetic life.

8. When you do not know how to cook

It’s one thing to live without women and sex, and the other without delicious food. We have to somehow get out of this situation. You’re like the typical woman, orphaned at the culinary publics in search of a simple but successful recipe. And then one day I decide to pamper yourself.

Buy a heavy piece of meat and tinsel, which will give the dish a refined taste. Spend more than two hours at the stove and you get a plate of shit, ugly decorated with a branch of parsley. Know what the taste of pain? You know…

9. When a friend can’t cook

This is worse than the previous point. After all, you can’t even tell her that she’s a bad cook, can’t cancel — this will immediately evoke a lot of issues and tantrums.

One of our friend guy friend once met a gourmet dinner. She made a salad whose components — pasta, tomatoes, mozzarella and pine nuts… of Course, he had to eat it cold, obscure part of the medley.

Of course, do not have to cry after you implemented any of these items. It is enough to recognize that all of this brings you the pain. You can’t rid yourself of this. Sooner or later, you will happen one of these situations, and, perhaps, even managed to catch the combo.

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