Situation comedies, a must see

Situation comedies with a plate of chips at the weekend — perfect holiday. Perhaps you’re one of us, one of the many fans of the series. We want to talk about the relatively light fun series. Of course, almost all of them are hints of drama, but for the most part they are all the same old sitcoms that have been created in order to raise your mood.

1. The Clinic » (Scrubs)

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_l25MXCbf8QCvhThe sitcom, which has been with us 9 years. Judging from the name we can understand that a show about the clinic and people who work in it. Hence the idea for our Interns, but of course, the clinic script and the quality of performance several notches higher. The most epic character is not head of the Department and not one of the main characters, as the domestic version, and the cleaner of the clinic. Because of this guy, with his delusions of persecution, I want to watch season after season, it is a pity that there are only nine. Last season consisted of 13 episodes.

Hey, you slept with both my sisters. I have a lot in common then!

2. How I met your mother (How I Met Your Mother) If we talk about the latest series last season, it is impossible to answer unequivocally. Well, we won’t spoil. You just have to watch this legendary series. I know the guy with the glasses and the caption «true story»? So, it’s a type of womanizer from the TV series Barney Stinson. The series itself represents the memories of a man, he tells his children about his life, his friends and their moms. Friends he’s really cool. About such a dream for everyone. They were together and were ready to support each other, and Barney was ready to find each chick for the night. Funny TV series with a surprise ending.

Any act in your life will never be legendary if you are not going to your friends.

3. Friends (Friends) cult TV series about friends. This sitcom everyone knows. Ten years we spent together with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross. He remembered all those weirdos? This series is a reflection of an era. The final episode of the series ranked fourth in the rating of the last episode — in the premiere broadcast of his saw the 52.5 million people. It makes no sense to tell a story that you know it all, but just in case: the story of a funny group of friends, who for 10 years of existence the project managed to paperstreet with each other. Must see!

— I see, you just grew a mustache.

— Well, my nose got lonely.

4. Jeeves and Wooster (Jeeves and Wooster)

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2014_fwgEkELw9s2HvGood old English Comedy, more Comedy series that lasted only three years. There removed still young Dr. house, I mean Hugh Laurie. Hugh with his partner Steven Frye was able to accurately convey the spirit of the England of the twentieth century, emphasized the same fine English humour. The sitcom includes 4 seasons, or rather 23 series, just enough of you for one weekend. Do not be lazy and look in one of the rainy evenings.

— You know, Jeeves, I would have treated this song if I knew what all these words.

I doubt it, sir.

5. The Office (The Office) Russia, too, there were attempts to make something similar, but they have not crowned success. Sitcom dedicated to all office workers, who are not averse to laugh at ourselves. Or rather «this series is for those who have boss – idiot», that is, for almost all. Though rare such idiots like in this series, simply does not exist. It’s a simple series, sometimes in American-humour, but somehow the humor still makes us laugh. The series lasted 8 years.

Jim is my enemy. But as it turned out, Jim is his own worst enemy. And the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So Jim — in fact my friend. But because he’s his own worst enemy, and the enemy of my friend is my enemy, it turns out that Jim is my enemy. But…

6. The big Bang theory (The Big Bang Theory)

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2014_94xWRrJMlJ6B2Where the same without this handful of botanize. Really interesting and funny series that exists to this day. In the sitcom shows the fate of friends, geeks and PhDs, yet there is little about Mr. Wolowitz now. Love Affairs, troubles and funny jokes, and of course Sheldon. Gigantea jenga, learning Chinese language, love of trains, it’s all about main schizo sitcom. Look at least a few episodes, you will not regret.

Hey! I know you’re here! I can hear you metaboliziruet oxygen and emit carbon dioxide.

7. Everybody hates Chris (Everybody Hates Chris)

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2014_xq4yaTXrrF3DhParodic allusion to the TV series «everybody loves Raymond». Season 4 of the mockumentary series about the life of famous comedian and actor Chris Rock. Funny Comedy, especially if you have time to review all the series from the famous author’s voice. The story of 13-year-old, who is intertwined with the jokes and choice of black humor.

The truth will make you free. Free to find a new job.

8. Two and a half men (Two and a Half Men)

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_jv0ZV31hyajDgA funny story of a womanizer Charlie, who doesn’t want a serious relationship. He lives in the same house with his brother and nephew, who still need to educate from time to time. This sitcom, a unique moment, when the main character was replaced in the midst of the popularity of the series. First, the main character played by Charlie sheen, the ninth season began to play Ashton Kutcher. They say the Bus was fired because of his looking and scandalous behavior. I think that the fans are not too upset, because Kutcher copes with his work. Now we are working on the last season of this Comedy series.

PP — when in the bedroom of a dead girl. Drunk girl is a date.It seems you have something to watch not only this weekend, we have compiled for you a possible poster for the coming autumn and winter evenings. The cold and the slush needs to survive with humor and to show good quality.

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