Simplify your life


The life of men and any person in General much brighter and the whole will look like in simplicity. Just like a diamond in a simple setting — nothing adorns something good, like the simplicity. This does not mean that you need to strive for simple and not burdened with meaning. Simplicity is a slightly different product. The problem is that life is simple! Yeah, man, life is really simple. Confucius said that «life is really simple, but we insist to make it complicated.» He was echoed by Leonardo da Vinci: «simplicity is the ultimate form of complexity». I’m not suggesting you give up worldly goods to live in the amphora, I suggest you look at the world a little differently. How to simplify your life, not to be excruciatingly painful?

1. Diminish their property

So just happen to clutter your bedroom and house stuff. When it comes time to move to a new apartment, you are surprised to find that you have a not so little things as you thought you were. The property is built up slowly and imperceptibly, changing from one bag to a small van. You know where everything is, and it all seems important. But actually you can not even imagine that 90 percent of these things is the essence of garbage. When you’re in College, you have a lot of additional things as records, books, notebooks, they seem to you necessary and important. But it’s not. Some of the lectures can be saved in files on the computer, as well as some books. So you can do so far!

Books can be taken to the library, if you buy the e-book. And the place would be more! Find new ways to simplify their property.

2. Take away the noise

In the modern world too much noise. Even the air can not be called clean: it was filled with voices and radio waves. Around one big advertising, which hangs from wires, pylons and banners. Your brain is still somehow focused on her. Avoid the noise! Stop watching TV, stop dwelling on the advertising. Go to work? Turn on the radio instead of music. You go to work by public transport? Turn on some music or read a book. Why do you want this harmful information that affects you? Do not watch the news on TV, if you want to know what’s going on in the world: on the home page of any news site and see. But don’t dwell: one big disappointment. Get rid of the hustle and bustle! Get yourself in the habit of walking one day a week for an hour in the evening to cleansed of negativity and tune in a new way.

3. Get off the Internet

This does not mean that you must throw away your computer what the computer is still useful, right? From it you can read!

Get rid of unnecessary Internet routine. Stop watching junk news and funny resources. Stop looking at the funny pictures and jokes. Cut viewing funny videos on the Internet instead to see what obzorschika, save time. Friday night must be spent in active surfing the net, there are many other interesting activities.

Let you have a few favorite sites ( to them add). On the Internet there are millions of them, all have not read. Stop following the status updates of friends in social networks. Like is a virtual currency, as well as tweets with messages that don’t need to pay so much attention to them! It doesn’t matter! A like will not save the dying cat! These ridiculous movements is the best way to complicate your life, which is not so difficult.

I agree that you often think: «Hmm, what happened there?» or «Why I don’t write?» The Internet and your friends won’t die. When you briefly come out of the Internet, you will begin to understand what information you really need. Its painfully to the guys, isn’t it?

The benefits of simplifying life is almost limitless, and, of course, they, as well as ways that go far beyond this list. However, the male part of the population, judging by the expression of geniuses above, for simplicity all hands. If this is true, and simplicity is a big deal, simplify, simplify everything but themselves to madness, man, you’ll feel better.

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