Simple woman: why women themselves facilitate?

Poradi.s.ua_28.02.2014_QuwApzfmFn2mdAfter this post, which really got a warm response in the hearts of many people regardless of gender, I realized one thing: many girls think that is normal nothing to strive for, a strongly simplifying and yet know nothing. And I’m terribly outraged, because many girls believe that they have two Breasts and one of the depression gives them no right to be interested in, bat your eyes and to please men. And because they seriously believe that it is their money. I’ve been thinking over the question of simplification, read it again srach and decided to write why girls are trying to become, instead of being a good, smart, interesting, not only to excite us, but also to force yourself to respect. I call this phenomenon of «voluntary ignorance.»

1. The confidence that is so necessary

Because of my upbringing and socio-cultural environment, a large percentage of girls I am sure that all to aspire to, is a product of the new units. That education imposes on them the need to teach children and answer their questions, they somehow forget. To educate children is not easy to take care of them everyone can: in one hole and put food, the other washed. Sometimes you can dress them up in funny costumes.

To give birth to these girls — to achieve success in life. So many behave as though they have fulfilled their purpose and have become wiser, better and more experienced. Now it is possible with clever kind to teach other people life and condescending smile. Nothing prevents interested in many things and not live by the standards that dictate the need to find a man and procreate!

2. Fear of being branded TP

With the advent of cheap unlimited Internet girl who previously asked you to fill in their pictures of «Vkontakte», learned about the phenomenon of topop*ZDNet. It evolved, acquired many subspecies, but still has a place because it is a phenomenon outside of time.

The girls saw that the TP reading books, watching elitnye the movie, talking sagely about the fantasies and extravaganzas, and thought that this should not be done, because the reaction to these girls is very negative. They say that a man of such complexity will not appreciate and will run away, sparkling heels. I remember one story about a girl Lyuba, which I wrote.

First, Luba proudly thinking about philosophy, human psychology, Japanese language and history, which in General do not understand. Somewhere caught and passed them off as their own pearl. It has positioned itself as gifted custom girl, but it was enough to understand that it fails to correspond to the selected image. When several comrades had caught her incompetence, our heroine decided that she’d had enough and «need to be easier.» By «easier» she didn’t understand, for example, reducing the degree of bitchiness, the desire to shove the other girls away and attract the attention of all the men in a radius of a kilometer. What happened then? Simplification. «Eat, have sex and Brut» — that’s the new motto of this girl. Of old intelligent entertainment were only Grishkovets.

3. The belief that intellect and passion push men away

«The wife in the mountains, and the borscht there! Divorce!» — outraged one girl in the comments. Perhaps it is difficult to imagine that cooking soup is not as unreal ultimate and elusive a skill as many would like to believe. Even harder to imagine that the comfort of home, you can create together. So-so! If the girl is working, and works fine, why does she not help? It is unlikely that you will fall off the eggs, if you start to wash the dirty dishes. If intelligence and passion really is, and this is not an attempt to complicate the typical techniques of TP, such behavior only discourages fucking insecure men. But the insecure man is the limit of your dreams. In my lifetime I’ve seen a lot of smart, interesting, work hard and all the successful girls. A pleasure to talk to them I have respect, but most important: with them you don’t feel awkward. You know why? Because I’m not competing with them. There is a stupid stereotype that men constantly think about sex and see all the rivals. Yes, we think about sex, think about sex some more, some less. You can see all the rivals, only those who constantly need to prove something, that is, insecure people. I see all different people.

4. The belief that man and woman are different

So it’s obvious! The physiology of women and men is different, but not as much as many think. We are still the representatives of one and the same species. Peacock-female peacock-male generally weak similar to each other. This is called sexual dimorphism. Psychologically, man and woman alike. We have the same personality type, the same mental illness, only the working principles of the brain are slightly different. By the way, recent studies show that educated women living busy lives, getting smarter and more prone to rational thinking than intuitive. Happens almost the same thing with the female fighting and Boxing: in the beginning it was impossible to watch, but now I understand that they behave as fighters and their technique is very good.

Interested in different things, even traditionally male, such as sports and guns will not make women the man in the image of thought, or physically. Horse dose of hormones — that will make you men. After all, once upon a time you probably wanted not only to bags, marriage and the white dress, but something else? Have you never climbed trees and tried to fight with the boys? And really with her future husband or husband and you consider it normal to discuss handbags, food, and washed the socks in between sex and cooking? What a hell of boredom.

Why is that bad?

Because the sole desire to attract a husband, these girls turn into the distant cooing of the cuckoo, which is boring. And I know what I’m saying. Laughs, constantly lying, and when the question of «What are you passionate about?» begins a long laugh, and then says in surprise: «I Have no Hobbies! And do not read books: no time». When you’re a little more than 20 and you have these girls had two or three in a row, creeps into his head unpleasant thought: «are They all like this? I then remove the wall and cover it with a pillow, not to hear?» But then you expand the circle of communication and understand that girls are very different, and what really admire much more interesting. Surprisingly, for many girls the concept of «interesting» is how original she got a manicure and original tchotchke pinned. Unpleasant.

By the way, girls, have you ever thought that all these «I’m a simple Russian woman» just a very unnatural behavior, an attempt to stifle any urge that pathetic styled personality?

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