Simple ways to find adventure

area comfortComfort zone is a situation in which nothing was bothering us. We day by day go on the beaten track, meet the same people buy in the same shops, go to the same sites. If nothing changes, it is possible to get bogged down in the ever-repeated routine of life and do not see anything on the other side of things, become habitual. However, this is the rare case when the horizon can be separated. Only depends on you whether in your life something special or not. How to get out of the comfort zone is not going to survive a Northern winter and not having to talk to strangers in the street, as we suggest home-grown psychologists? Surely there are more civilized ways in which your life is not in danger, the ass does not freeze, and people don’t look at you surprised look.

1. To travel alone

You always go with a friend, with guys or even with your parents? You sedate ride around in tour buses, walk in groups at places of interest and take pictures next to these monuments on the go-ahead of the guide? Very simple.

Go on a journey by himself, without a group of companions. A group of people is a thing in itself, it is closed and leaves minimal likelihood to truly touch the world that you actually came to see. If you are one, or maximum two, you make it easier to deal with. Moreover, in order to make contact with a local, you have to take the initiative. In other words, you cannot rely that this will always be the very flow of your hands, and always surrounding themselves will start a conversation.

2. Ask questions like a child

When you were a kid, you were all wondering, and you will not hesitate asking any and all. Then you grew up podsudnost. Why? Every day you meet quite interesting and entertaining things that cause you issues, and you, as an adult, too shy to ask them and prefer to Google. Children have no such problem. They always ask why. Sometimes it’s better to ask: the answer would be more interesting and certainly emotional.

Next time you’ll meet something what you’re going to want to learn more, struggling to resist his impulse to climb into his pocket for the phone. Instead, ask someone. So interesting. Soon and all will be on Skype chat, sitting with him in the same room. By the way, I do it sometimes.

3. Walk, even if far away

The walk allows you to plunge deeper into the environment: to feel the mood, see the people, smell the city. When life is physically close to you, it becomes hard to ignore. Each walk is a journey, especially if you choose different routes.

4. Don’t be afraid to get lost

If you constantly just go from point a to point b and never lose your route, you’re missing out and depriving yourself of pleasure to see a new even in his own city. And if Columbus didn’t get lost, he did not discover America!

Now we’re not talking about when you’re drunk at three in the morning can’t find my way home. It’s about the fact that you need to go on new streets, turn in an unexpected places and see what awaits you around the corner. Maybe longer, but who says you always have to rush?

5. Don’t judge a book by its cover

I’m not inciting you to explore the areas that has a bad reputation, but sometimes it’s worth to give a chance to unremarkable places. For example, to come in unpresentable avermakow to discover that there are cooking the most delicious falafel, the one you just tried. Who would have thought – a typical unsanitary eatery! To go to the basement hall with a capacity of only 60 people to hear very atmospheric and volumetric shoegaze you could imagine. Who would have thought – a trivial marginal party bloke.

6. Don’t be afraid to speak foreign languages

Especially when they are in a foreign country. Under the pressure of circumstances and in a new language environment to master the foreign languages will be much easier than any courses. If the qualification will not increase, it will turn on creativity pulled you from the abyss of linguistic ignorance. Same thing with foreigners in the streets: don’t be afraid to show them the way and to advise, where is cafe with Wi-Fi. This is ridiculous.

7. Go to a fair or market

I think nonsensical advice? Good. I know whereof I speak. I, the man who in nine cases out of ten chooses the supermarket, there’s no one I need to talk to anyone nothing to explain and demonstrate, and you’re not. This man advises you to go to the market. First, it is interesting: lots of smells and fresh food look much prettier than covered with a thick layer of wax apples on the shelves of supermarkets. Secondly, you’d have to break free from your cocoon and show what kind of potatoes you weigh and how much and then ask that part of it is pulled from the package, because you asked for two kilos instead of five. Try it, you will not regret.

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