Simple ways to become smarter

manygoodtips.com_12.03.2015_vbeTFcW3rLPkpNot so long ago creative scientists decided to please each of us, seeing that by 27 years in the work of the human brain begin interruptions, and 10 years later noticeably worsening memory. Degradation in a hurry to meet, but not to panic. In this article we have collected for you a simple, clear and effective ways to prevent mental fiasco.

Train your neurons


The most successful and effective method of pumping your own brain training of neural connections. Sounds cheesy, but we are ready to explain what is what.

Your every action activates a specific group of neurons, and endless repetition strengthens their internal connection. If we compare roughly, the neural connections of the brain perform approximately the same function as the cache in the Internet browser: both create copies of already-known information to the next time to take advantage of it faster. Why we so damn simple to perform familiar actions, many of which we learned in childhood. You probably don’t feel brain tension for cleaning the teeth, washing the dishes, or having sex with a familiar friend. Another thing, when you take up the guitar, not knowing how to play it, or trying to juggle a loaf of bread to hit the cashier in the store.

The way to prevent the rapid mental deterioration is to build new neural connections. This is difficult, because of the brain need more energy and it will stop you. However, we believe that it’s worth a try.

The easiest way that we can offer you, is to change hands. Know it sounds funny, but talking about how to perform the habitual actions with another active ending. For example, if you’re right handed, take the habit to use more in everyday life the left hand, open her doors, pick up the text in the smartphone, try to wield a computer mouse.

For the most daring individuals, there is no reliable exercise that takes no more than fifteen minutes a day:

Drink sweet tea and prepare three clean sheet. Safely take the pencil in the usual hand, and from right to left, start to write some funny text. Spoiling a whole sheet, take the next one and now the other arm, but in the usual way, write the same thing. Do not think that this your suffering is over, ahead of the third sheet on which you want to repeat the first step only a broken arm.

For ease of understanding, here’s the instructions in pictures:


Play correctly


Everyone takes my free time at work, school, home and in transport. We suggest you to do artfully and pump your brain is not burdened with cases in these minutes.

There are thousands of free apps and games can benefit your overall intellectual status. You will need three key types: designed for the training of memory, logic and force to pump an oral account.

To find such programs difficult. Safely upload them to the native pocket gadget and run on a queue in any spare moments of time. You will feel the pleasant taste of an intelligent saturation, and similar amusements of the mind will quickly become a habit. Prestigious, and more!

Read otherwise


Since childhood instilled in us the idea that reading people is a smart man. Unfortunately, it’s a lie. Reading can make you a master of erudition, and to help defeat opponents in various contests, but to be useful as a tool of thinking, it can not.

To really pump your brain needs to learn to read differently:

1. Increase your air speed. Choose any text and take a pencil in his hand. Starting reading, lead pointer smoothly along the line without stops. Then increase the pace, soon your eyes adjust to the load you will be able to absorb more information, and the brain will receive the necessary training.

2. Start to provide. The game with interest – a thing useful and pleasant. Every next time you want to read articles on at first thought suppose that the author has written inside, and only then begin to absorb the information. If you believe the neuroscientists, brain, nothing will remain, how to compare information, and that means working at an increased capacity.

Develop numerical sense


If you already have self-esteem, it’s time to pump its numerical counterpart. A couple of years ago, scientists proved that this is possible.

Numerical sense is the ability of the human brain to determine the number of elements in the set visually, without direct counting. In short, you saw a any object and quickly figured number of them.

In everyday life you can easily train such a skill. Take out from pockets all trifle, rate her a skeptical look and try to guess the total amount. Going to pass the evening past the high-rise building – quickly estimate the number of Windows where the light is, and so on. Opportunities for training numerical sense are everywhere. The amazing thing is that by using such techniques you pumped incredibly ancient structure of the brain, which is more than a million years.

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