Simple ways of tracking the man

manygoodtips.com_19.01.2015_ixeP2msNAdAi3We build high fences, buy blackout curtains and care about privacy – on it and personal. But technology does not spare anybody. Almost every advanced gadget has a flaw that can be used against you by an attacker if he so desires. And this is not paranoia, but a proven and simple ways of tracking a person.

1. Any photo that you upload to the Internet, gives your location

When we say that any picture posted on the Internet, is able to head to give your location, we’re not talking about the Eiffel tower in the photo, which you hold in the palm. We are talking about a very ordinary picture taken in your apartment in the background of the Wallpaper. It should be remembered that this simple self-portrait can lead maniac psychopath who holds a grudge against you and than straight to the doorstep of his home. First, every digital photo has a wide range of information that is stored in the code file: the time and date of shooting, camera type, its installation, and how you were drunk when they uploaded this picture to the network.

Second, if this photo was taken with a smartphone, anyone who is not difficult to calculate the GPS coordinates of the area where it shows the time. Here is an example: in the summer of 2012 several chefs from Burger King decided it would be fun to show the wider public how much they love to add fresh salad in the burgers its visitors. Probably mount cook thought no one, and never count the cost, having only the image tile floor and a pair of legs in dark trousers and shoes. 15 minutes was enough to calculate humorist and miserably to dismiss from the company. Remember, Big Brother never sleeps!

2. Copier keeps every single copy of the document

If you have had or have free access to copy machine how many times you photocopier your ass during a corporate party, considering it a great joke? We’ve all done it… And if it isn’t lying around a copy of this masterpiece of a picture, this trick no one will ever know, except as a copier, has not been released and acquired after 2002. Since then, most copiers that functioned as scanners, Fax machines and printers got a hard drive. And this hard drive keeps every document ever recorded on it. Pull the hard drive, download free software to scan and you will have access to everything copied, scanned, sent by Fax or e-mail on this machine. So if you dream to steal someone’s identity or to blackmail, you may be interested in the purchase of several B/Ear phones. The same can be used against you. Surrender to memories and paranoia! What documents and parts of the body seen this office machine of potential shame?

3. Your account in social networks help to easily crack your password

There is a special caste, dourbali who post on their pages in social networks their entire story and genealogy up to the seventh generation. And if you examine such account carefully, it will not be easy to find all the necessary passwords, using the response to a screening question. A similar story was already in the States when the man with careful reading and patience hacked mailboxes and pages of almost twenty women, by publishing their correspondence racy and Nude photos and have them on your pages in social networks, not forgetting to make the newsletter throughout your contact list. Prior to that, he was blackmailing them. The guy was caught and sentenced to 4 years in prison.

4. Wireless cameras can be easily broken

Wireless video cameras can be bought in any electronics store or computer equipment. They are used as baby monitors, camera for blog posts or observations. But what if at this very moment watching you? Chances are, if you forgot to put special protection. There are cameras that are impossible to break, but they’ll cost you very a decent amount.

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