Simple truths you learn through sweat and pain of the gym

After walking to the gym, you begin to notice that have changed not only externally but also internally. And over time, you begin to feel the delight not only of their concrete muscle, but also from the Titan of nature and blind courage, because in sports, everything is exactly the same as in life. Here are five simple truths that you authentically are convinced after visiting the gym.

1. Patience and a little effort!

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2016_A9G1aekOI7S69Many people mistakenly believe that it is enough just to enter the gym, work out for a few days, and you will inflate like a Kachkovsky relief layer. Enough exercise two weeks and eat cheese with brisket. But, as often happens, it even further to the truth than Bangladesh to world domination.

As is known, Moscow was not built, and in order to get in proper condition, you need long and hard to do correctly and on time to reap, to give it all to shit. In General, as in a large and real life. Need to drive it into his head that the only thing you can do immediately is to make a mistake. The construction of my own body takes a lot of time, as well as the construction of the house, family and career. Very much.

Be patient in everything you do. Only then your work will not be useless, and you will be rewarded for all the hardships.

2. Perseverance and system

Just not enough to do something once and wait until finally this action will bring results. It’s all the same that to dig the Foundation and expect the house will be built. And in the gym. If you’re within a month only shake shoulders, biceps and back, legs with quite a bit of time, you don’t get that look good. Rather, you will superficially resemble a celery stalk or a maraca with their wretchedly thin legs. In fact, with all the muscles: one workout a week is not enough to achieve the desired result. It may seem strange, but in the hall you need to walk regularly. However, the effort will lead to the desired results. And this applies not only to sports but also other not less interesting things. A strange feature of life: its goals and desires you want to achieve. There are, of course, exceptions, but not in your case. Life is like muscles: you don’t have to try to bite off everything at once, small but regular approaches are much more effective.

Be consistent in your endeavors even when forces are not left at all. Can’t run – crawl, not working hands – do legs. But not feel sorry for yourself.

3. Discipline is 50% of success

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2016_4Z3L1kUDkBZJeYou can torture yourself in the gym to suffocate under the weight of the rod, to die in all senses on a treadmill, but if you neglect other conditions a healthy body, it is unlikely to achieve much progress.

As taught by the old master of kung fu schools malevolent sea bass, «without discipline in your life won’t be any major achievements.» How can you gain muscle mass, if you go to the gym when I want, how can you lose weight if you continue to eat a lot of fatty and starchy food?

Any goal requires a lot of self-discipline. No need to bring the army up to the point of absurdity, but to be able to control yourself, to do everything on a schedule and give yourself a kick up the backside at the right time also be able. Here take the money. If you were less booze and stop buying unnecessary trinkets, it is likely that long would be able to save up for the coveted pump enlarger… doesn’t matter. Discipline is 50% of success. The Prussian army of Frederick the Great turned the impoverished Principality in the great Kingdom, which was considered all over Europe, it is due to the legendary discipline and training, but not at the expense of weapons.

4. Without the victims can not do

As the saying goes, «beauty requires victims». Good things hardly come to life just like that. If they did, the world would be perfect. And since you have to prove their right to possession. The path is difficult, requires great perseverance, but it’s worth it. It will be difficult, it would seem that all froze on the spot, there is no progress. Then you need to slightly change the training regime, and if you deviate from the topic of training, and the way to achieve success. But you still have to sweat a lot and give to bloody diarrhea. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why professional athletes get high salaries. There are not many people capable of what they are doing.

5. Challenge myself

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2016_u0s5997jns86zSooner or later you will start to hoof in the forehead proud horse awareness, and the essence of this awareness is that sooner or later will have to push the boundaries and challenge myself.

In bodybuilding, if you want to grow muscle, you must progressively overload them, to stimulate them to further growth and development. These brats are accustomed to repetitive exercise and exercise and do not want to grow. What to do? Hit useless, so you have to put them in a state of shock with the help of love and an increased number of repetitions, increase the intensity of exercise.

With this method you need to follow in life, because if you do not escape from the zone of comfort, so a lifetime and hold on one together in the image of a faceless adult inhabitant average progress. Kind of like our lives run (except for lust and natural instinct, of course) progress and evolution. But at a certain point, nature begins to prepare you to regress, and in that moment all the powers of the fighter for your own happiness rely on you.

If this principle will not help to blossom your body all muskulaturnoy-venous colors, then at least temper your character. Psychological preparation, after which nothing scary.

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