Simple tips to defeat procrastination the challenge before us is to strike a balance between responsibilities and pleasure, we, of course, put the priority of satisfaction. This is great if you want to stagnate in one place. It’s sad, if you want something to succeed.

Evading responsibility, we are only exacerbated by stress. This leads to unpleasant and dangerous consequences: heart disease, obesity as a result of «jamming» stress and depression. In other words, it is important for us to find a way to defeat procrastination is to improve the quality of life.

1. Learn to let go

You will always find faults in the work performed. You could make the design more beautiful, to find a more witty phrase, or to cope with the work faster — it depends on what your job is. But you have a deadline. During this time, the best you can, and then move on to the next project.

Many prevents perfectionism. They strive to meet high enough standards that if the quality of the work does not satisfy them. It is easier nothing than to do imperfect work. Beware of these thoughts!

2. Prioritize the to-do list

It is important not just to make a list of things you need to do. You need to organize this chaos and establish a system of priorities. Find out where each task in the hierarchy of all the «urgent» and «important» — and you’ll have the time to focus on the largest and most urgent cases. For those that don’t perform. Download the program with reminders to lighten up.

3. To find and neutralize the source of stress

Stress will always be. Our task is not to let him subjugate us, or we’ll ruin your health, spoil your heart and get weight. Find your way of dealing with stress: walks in the Park, breathing exercises, Hobbies.

4. Reorganize tasks

If you’re not sure that they will bring the case to the end, you will not succeed. Many of us negative thoughts fall into a stupor, throw things or treading water. If you think: «It’s too hard for me, I’ll never manage,» you aggravate the situation and diminish in their eyes the dignity of work. You yourself, steal from yourself the motivation!

Really look at your path to success. Unless you are trying to construct the Iron Man suit, you will succeed — just a good try. Nobody said that you would do for the night and with ease.

5. Reward yourself

Instead of heaping the burden of responsibility, motivate yourself with a reward. Promise me that at the end of the case will allow myself something nice. Like you procrastinates relatively pleasant Affairs.

6. Don’t minimize or exaggerate the importance of the Affairs

If you were given a complex task, don’t pretend like this isn’t the case. «I’ll never do it myself» and «I do not udovalos» — the thoughts of a man who truly loved the common space and has low self-esteem.

Instead, to fairly evaluate the future work. In other words, admit that you will be difficult to cope with it. Then roll up your sleeves and get!

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