Simple tips for those who got in an accident


The squeal of rubber on asphalt and the rattle of metal, followed by cries — all this the worst thing you can ever hear on the road. But this should be ready, because of a traffic accident — a common occurrence with which every minute face thousands of people, most of them are not dangerous to life. However, will tilt even scratched bumper, because when someone’s car is damaged by your fault, then you attack this bureaucratic nightmare, which may last several months. But we don’t want you were a fool before all, because there is a simple sequence of actions, which would not let complications to your traffic problems. Of course, we are talking about minor skirmishes. If you get in a severe accident, then you are smart enough to dial the police and ambulance — it’s their job.

1-First of all, be ready to crash Make sure you have a first aid kit and fire extinguisher, as well as all the documents on the auto insurance. A fire extinguisher take the quality, not view. If you think he doesn’t then look for the video as the same pundits were burned alive, clamped in a metal vise to your machine.

2 don’t be a coward and answer for your actions Even if you are guilty full stop hiding from the accident scene. It smacks of crime, which won’t end well. When talking about minor skirmishes, before you pull over, make sure everything is really good.

3 Before looking at the car look at you It’s just common sense. There are people who got into an accident, run out foaming at the mouth out of the car, and then discover that their body also got from the collision. In the first few minutes the pain can be just do not understand your body. So, if you got into trouble on the road, make sure you are not injured and at the same time check its passengers. In General, according to our law, if someone was injured (even minor bruises) in the first place you need to call an ambulance and then the police. If the accident occurred outside the city and wait for an ambulance is not an option, it is your duty to transport the injured to the hospital on their own.

4 Keep your mouth shut


Believe me, even the phrase «Oh, I’m so sorry!» can be a problem when they execute the Protocol. It is better not to assess the situation and wait for the professionals. The only when to open his mouth, so that at the time of collecting information from people who observed the incident. Talk less. This is especially true of guys who warn about their lives in social network — be sure, the police can see your page, and use it against you.

5 Names and numbers to Communicate not only with the person who crashed into you, but with all the others. We’re talking, of course, about gathering information. Moreover, it should collect from all passengers in the other car, bystanders and others.

6 Take all When I say «all» I mean exactly that. Just take out your smartphone and start to take off. Remember that in most States, fault is determined by law and not those whom you think a goat on the road, and who is not. Take pictures of road signs, curbs, debris on the road, a half-eaten sandwich, the other driver and every inch of damage on both vehicles. All this will give to insurers and the feds valuable information about what happened and who is responsible.

7 Message of «good news» of the insurance company With insurers should be wise Confucius, and not noisy m*a duck. As soon as you get home, or at work, tell them about the incident. Try to pass the insurance agent the most accurate information about it, be honest. That’s how insurance companies pay they are reluctant, but you can always order several examinations to assess the real damage. An independent examination can be used as argument to increase the payouts.

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