Simple tips for developing confidence

When you feel insecure, you can’t do this. If you’re in a constant stupor of stupid anxiety. Uncertainty is the cause of many men’s disasters of the XXI century. Because of the uncertainty you might lose your job, because of the uncertainty, you can always sleep in the bed, with her you can fuck your life up. You know that with uncertainty sooner or later you will have to do something. But what? You’ll find out.1 spotlight Effect

If you are constantly in the spotlight, you’re much faster get used to large crowds and extreme challenges. Area of increased attention automatically makes you confident. In life there is a sense of humor, because these places will shy away from the insecure guy. It remains only to deal with fear, to reach beyond the cozy apartment, where nobody touches you and where to you glad in a world where you can be seen by dozens of eyes in the expectation that you will fail. If you succeed, there is no doubt — each time you’ll be more confident.

2 Stop deluding yourself the Real world today more closely associated with the virtual than ever. Yes, mankind has always loved to be in the power of their dreams. Many used art, books, music, to do this. But now virtuality merged with life so much so that we began to lose ground.

You can call virtual communication full? Can be considered flirting on social networks real? When you are immersed in a virtuality with the head, then real life begins to falter — you become a doormat who is afraid of himself and his weaknesses, because on the Internet it is possible to hide. But if you constantly hide who you really are and score in real communication, your true self will be shrinking to mouse size. So stop deluding yourself. Communicate in the network, but do not replace real communication network.

3 Courage as part of your lifestyle

Bravery comes when you commit brave deeds — you don’t have to forget about it. Brave acts should become your habit, after all, as one bearded guy named Aristotle: «the Brave will not necessarily assume the prowess of his committed person; for he who is truly brave, will be always and under all circumstances.» Aristotle nonsense not say, so when are you going to tremble like a little child, think about the future. What are you afraid of? The dismissal? To in the teeth of some thug? Uncertainty? If you need to overcome fear in any action, just do it. The more you act bravely, the greater will be your balls. 4 straight, not a curve body — look in my eyes, If you watched the movies about handsome killers who like to chop people, you should have seen their main similarity — a very nice smile, the ability at a physical level to stay in the community and straight posture. That is why sacrifices and trust, from the point of view of the Directors, to such people. In reality, the ability to control your body — is not last in importance in the Arsenal of a good man.

To train your body is possible in front of the mirror. Vigili shoulders back, keep your back straight, monitor your facial expressions and learn to finally smile. A smile is half the success in communication of any kind. All this on a psychological level gives not only you, but others believe that before them is a lucky son of a bitch, and not some stammering nincompoop.

5 there will Always be someone richer, smarter and better looking than you

Socrates once said that envy is the ulcer of the soul. It is a poisonous feeling. There will come a time in your life when you’re tempted to envy, and you do it because you’ll miss the moment when I can stop. You’ll be the envy of colleagues, friends, celebrities and even the closest people. Therefore it is better not to bring themselves to it. So, someone’s life will always be better than you. Someone is raking in money hand over fist, even without any efforts while you work up a sweat and get a penny. It doesn’t make you a sucker. Just life harder than it looks. Never lose an optimistic spirit.

6 Wink strangers Paul McCartney always said that it is necessary to give more than to receive. He talked about this scene, but with flirtation, especially from a male point of view, the situation is the same. First of all we must understand that flirting is a effective way to boost her confidence. But before you understand it, you have to drive it into his head that flirting is not created in order to drag the girl in bed. Stupid guys don’t understand the difference between flirting and trivial claims.

Flirting is a form of communication that evokes positive emotions from both sides. If pleasant emotions are not, then it is not flirting. If you only flirt with beautiful girls, then you may run into great difficulties, because with them all flirts and you’re just learning. So pay attention to simple friends, who deprived of attention. If you flirt with them, then you will become a mistress of the situation and will be able to control the conversation. If you master flirting techniques with modern women, you will be able to confidently talk with anyone.

7 all Went to hell!

We would have spoken sharply, but the Russian censorship denies us that. Will give the essence without the great Russian Mat: send problems to hell! Afraid to jump with a parachute? Fine: fear is normal, but send him to hell and jump into the unknown. I’m afraid to hit on a girl? Fuck the fear, go meet people! Less focus on what might happen — these thoughts really able to eat away your brain. Instead, do more, do it spontaneously. For such don’t need to be brave. You need to disable their cowardice in a short period of time — this can be done by anyone.

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