Simple tips are always late

manygoodtips.com_14.03.2016_gM1k5KxX3cDGZMad at you girl, head, leader and even friends who invite you to the party. And rightly so, they’re mad because you’re late and, therefore, fail them all. Is it possible to rely on a man who can’t keep track of their own schedule? I think that people trust is difficult, but we understand you and sincerely sympathize. Internal clock – a delicate matter, and configure them harder than it seems. And we are not going to rinse your brains in ordinary time-management. We have to accept that you’re a lazy ass. Because today you read practical tips that will help you. However, some effort you still have to make.

1. Wake up wise

It all starts with a good and pleasant sleep. And if to be more precise, with spillage, because the person, according to some people, it is enough only 5 hours of sleep. Well, if you have the opportunity to sleep for 8 hours a day, we are happy for you, happy you rascal. But to the point. We will not focus on how you fell asleep. Suppose you managed to sleep 5-6 hours, let’s say that you’re not sleeping on hot stones, and a comfortable bed. Thus, if you are lying in bed an extra hour or even two, it is only your problem and not your body.

Typically, you move the clock from one time to another until sleep everything sleep. What conclusion can we make? Go to bed early? You know yourself that you’re not going to do that. So we recommend to set your alarm just one hour earlier than usual. If set at seven in the morning, then go ahead and bet on six. You, of course, a phone call stopped him an hour later, but (and this is proven by personal experience) to get up you will be much easier.

2. Prepare clothes

manygoodtips.com_14.03.2016_c93yjIXu0BfxAWe may not going to hours, as our friend, but 20-30 minutes on clothes spent every. If you have a problem with fees in the road, and that is why you are always late, the output is clear: pack your clothes in advance. Without fuss, without haste, and at night before bed. Think of what you want to wear in the morning, folding items of clothing (socks too!), Pat shirt. It is not so difficult, but in the morning you will have an additional half hour.

3. Think about Breakfast

The breakfasts are different. Of course, we recommend you to eat tasty, satisfying and right. But when you’re constantly late, it is better to carefully consider your morning diet. The fact that Breakfast can be cooked for 30 seconds (pour cereal milk – voila!), and you can kill him 30 minutes (pasta Carbonara, for example). In General, just don’t pick dishes that go beyond a couple of minutes. At the very least make yourself bacon and eggs and coffee.

4. Not zalipie in front of the screen

Sometimes I think that before going out you have a whole free hour of time, which means that it can be spent on new series «Better call Saul.» Turn on the computer (3-4 minutes), search in a network series with a good translation (10 minutes), upload it (1-5 minutes) and begin your viewing (40 minutes), then closed the tab and shut down all (5 minutes). Congratulations, today you late again, but I think that the time of holding the throat.

Next time be smarter: turn off the computer for 20 minutes before. Can even alarm it is time to put everything to be under control.

5. Don’t alamarat before

Hold.kom.ua_14.03.2016_u2SiX24ffKyVZBuddy, everybody knows working people on the planet. And students understand this. Don’t wait to take age-old wisdom: don’t thump before the big days! That’s all! Just don’t thump when on the morning of the exam or you go for an interview. Even if you perfectly like the alcohol, still not worth it. Rhythm, anyway, from gallons of beer, vodka, whiskey will change. Stand up to be more difficult, or, conversely, too early to get up, but the day has wants to sleep. Of course, we’re not talking about a few Beers or glasses of wine, you know.

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