Simple things that work

manygoodtips.com_30.11.2016_gJbVJRAPXDv3JWe try to convince myself: reading books, swinging, trying to learn the intricacies of business management. In General, you need to develop in all directions at once, otherwise the world will be very narrow and boring. But the more you learn, the less I understand this world, the more dark areas you can’t control. This is scary, because you begin to realize that you are only a small part of the overall universe. You no help, and no guidelines for the management of life cannot serve as the source of absolute truth. This problem of the modern world — we know a lot.

But we are imbued with the spirit of Eastern philosophy and now I study to find truth in simplicity. This affects our work, family, relations and development in a positive way. If you don’t complicate the world, you begin to understand the value of a very familiar and sometimes even primitive things that can serve as an impetus to action. For example, to open their own business or write their own music album.

Quotes of successful people

Many of them have spit. It is believed that publish these quotes — a sign of bad taste and absolute brainlessness. On the other hand, the citation is one of the best ways to learn from the experiences of another person without spending a lot of time. A good quote represents the core of the personality, which can bring to the understanding of a problem. Quotes can be smart, can be funny and can be inspiring. To some extent quote the Internet is a sort of battle cry on the battlefield that you can adopt. At least, many of the quotations give birth to such a feeling.

Therefore, we do not believe that to quote the great matter. On the contrary, if it helps you any wise saying, why not use it? You read a few lines, but in these lines there is this unbelievable energy, which can help you in the case. From himself only add that it is necessary to read not only the business quotes that claim to «success», but also quotes writers, scientists, statesmen — everyone contributed to the story, and everyone has something to say.

Approval to close

Does not help, wise counsel, not debriefing, and the endorsement — thoughtless, but imbued with kindness approval. That’s what we need, when we want to do something interesting, unusual, and changing our lives. We want the friend told us: «Yes, I like your idea! Don’t worry, that will not work — you can do it!». This will be a lot of deception, but damn it, how do you want to hear when you don’t know what you’re doing and where to move.

The first steps are more complex than others and we need the support, but the steps we have to do. To provide verbal support in a friend — it is ten seconds, but those ten seconds can change your life.


manygoodtips.com_30.11.2016_Hsz784w0ZRPYeWe know that you walk every day to work and back. Is it possible you take a friend to walk through the main street or dine at a restaurant. You may still run in the morning, or with friends chase the ball. But that’s not it.

In each of the cases you will not be given to yourself — your mind is drawn to other people to keep the conversation going, to do the work or spend the time in pleasure. But when was the last time you went on the streets to just walk? Without any case.

A simple walk will give you precious minutes that can be spent on reflections, which will not be shaded by external influence. You’re just walking down the street, enjoying the fresh air, in the meantime, your thoughts are clarified, the goals become more expressive, solving problems is simple and straightforward. Nothing complicated.

A Burger and a mug of coffee

Works in if you’re hungry and sleep-deprived. Only then such unhealthy food is guaranteed to enhances brain processes, is a good food for mood and helps to get rid of obsessive thoughts. Again, if you want to think about their problems and find their solutions, it is necessary to have Breakfast alone. Find a dive bar where nobody will distract, but at the same time, it will be people and will leak a social life. Treat yourself to this food, refresh yourself and have a good think about things. The energy that you get from such food, and freshness that you get from caffeine will make your day.

But there’s one condition: don’t get distracted by gadgets. The smartphone is our enemy when it comes to deep analysis of what is happening in your life or work. Try to stay alone with their problems.

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