Simple steps that will crush any problem

Hey, buddy. We will tell you about how to solve problems small and bigger problems. Recently noticed that a lot of people now fuss, panic and despair when you have to clean up your things. There are many books that tell you how to live, how to motivate yourself and how to cope with all the shit. There happens to be give good advice, painted for 350 pages. But to use them skillfully, you have to sit at a Desk, take such a huge diary and begin to write the postulates of the author with each page. And this time many do not. So how to save yourself and solve the case?

We came to the conclusion that even a serious problem can be solved with a few simple steps with very little time. Shock and sensation? Well, almost.

1. Admit that the problem exists

With the start of any marathon of solving cases. The seemingly obvious step. But people sometimes find it difficult to understand it. Addicts of all varieties and alcoholics of all backgrounds, and lovers of a lot and eat know what I’m talking about. But if you’re so damn selfish, to recognize the problem will be even harder. Here is an example.

Remember the situation of life, she touched the bar business. Now, the owner of a pretty decent bar where I worked, could not understand why he has so few visitors. I, as a person, is in some degree true, saw the causes of the harmful influence of the selfishness of the owner. The man believed that versed in all things better than others. And one of those things was the creation of advertising. If he reads this, understands that I was still right, and you should invest the money to solve the problem, or instruct to be more competent person. He did not bar anymore. In other words, this businessman preferred to keep aloof from what it could destroy.

Therefore, if you have in your life, business, study, marriage doesn’t add up, it is time to stop, sit in a chair and properly stretch brains, analyze your actions and be sure to identify the problem.

2. Draw up a plan of action

This is easier, because the transition plan indicates that the problem did you know. So congratulations to you.

How to make a plan? Not going to split hairs and paint the item at a thousand words. In terms of what is important? The fact that he has several options, so you don’t have to dwell on a single solution. Must be spare. Even those who initially look worse than others. The reality is that the worst options are pretty hardy compared to those that can be called perfect. Perfect things do not exist, except in our head. We create the ideal solution, are in the power of illusion, often do not notice the inferiority judgment.

The plan should be:

a) consistent;

b) have several options.

3. Stick to the plan

Yes, it’s about what you need to get your ass out and simple to make. For many «raising ass» is a real art, given to few. We are distracted, consciously distracted we are from solving the problem. But the problem is not going away. Just the other day a friend cleaned out half the house just to not to start preparing for the exam has been 60 wonderful culture. Time it, of course, then has not increased.

Too much make a plan, know the problem, but postpone the decision, putting it into some sort of hideous psychological structure, which is called «someday soon.» Trust us, the farther you delay the physical act of execution of the plan, the less likely that you ever undertake. And it will accumulate, say, piling on top of each other. And you, when you see a huge pile of rubbish that you will have to dig, remember that began this pile with only one thing. Don’t delay!

4. Holiday,

You win. And you must celebrate it. I think that is stupid? But no, it is not. The solution to any problem is reason enough to reward yourself.

If you allow yourself something, or are celebrating another victory, as a consequence, fix in his memory a kind of ritual, known since God knows when. Then another Diogenes lived in a barrel. Remuneration is a very powerful tool, even if it is nominal. You will face much more serious things in my life, and the memory of victories will allow you to cope with them.

The psychology involved here? Probably so. But the fact that this technique works, we have seen more than once. Such dressing allows you to make decisions quickly and efficiently when they require.

5. Learn to cope with what can’t fix

Most painful problems are the ones that you can’t do anything. Insoluble problems are, we are not supermen, and certainly not the Herbert Wests, after all, that raises the dead. The death of a loved one – the event that cannot be changed. From such things you can go crazy if you don’t acknowledge that they are outside of your control. Life is not always cheerful carnival in Rio. Must be the realization that not far from walking and a lively crowd, seen wearing colorful colors are gray and grim favelas, where dying from hunger, disease, and knife.

But such an understanding does not mean defeat. It is not surrender. There are events and things that have to live with. They are for everyone, anyone suffered, every tear from the inside. But this shit should not destroy you, on the contrary, it’s supposed to do and more.

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