Simple refreshments

Every day is getting hotter here already and split-system starts to work, and in the meantime we harvest the ice for the full-scale orgies. Warm cocktails are useless, especially at this time of year. I want something simple and of course, cold. Such drinks should consist of two, three, maximum four ingredients. You are no elixirs and syrups, which are impossible to find in our country, not even quarter of the salary. Cooking that always have on hand. But you always have sparkling water and wine.

1. Calimocho, at first glance, the combination of wine and Coca-Cola is actually quite a traditional drink of Spanish football fans. There, as in our country, attending games with alcohol is horribly dangerous. The police is rampant and used batons, if something goes wrong. But the wily Spaniards just take a bottle of coke, drink half and then pour it red wine. Turns out this sparkling cocktail that resembles sangria.


– 1 part Coca-Cola;

– 1 part of table red wine (dry or sweet);

and lots of ice.


1. Buy a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola. One liter is poured into glasses and drink with pride.

2. Fill in the empty space with bottles of red wine. Do this carefully so as not to lose the precious bubbles.

3. If there is a long and narrow spoon, like cocktail, then mix.

4. Fill glasses generously with ice, then pour on them our calimocho.

2. White calimocho

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2016_4dDpEYjrDrokuWine – around the head, and tonight it will be a lot. This option is for those who can’t stand red wine, but not crazy about his white fellow (damn racists!).


– 1 part white wine;

1 part sprite;

lots of ice;

– lemon.


1. The recipe hardly differs from the previous one: just buy a big bottle of sparkling water, but this time a sprite, give the sober half, and myself picking up the rest.

2. Pour the sprite into the bottle, again, do this carefully so as not to lose glazirovannogo.

3. Fill the glasses with ice and pour in our drink.

4. Decorate with slice of lemon.

3. Iruna

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2016_f2hlrlTNF7XG2There is a city in Navarra, there are intransigent Basques, and their calimocho very different from the spoiled, calimocho southern inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula. It’s all in the degree.


– 1 part Coca-Cola;

– 2 parts rum;

– 2 parts red wine (dry take);

and lots of ice.


Carbonated water was significantly less but there is a good old rum, which will significantly add to the degree of the drink. Given the three ingredients we do everything in glass.

1. Take a tall glass and pour a coke, followed by rum, then wine.

2. Mix all cocktail spoon.

3. Throw in a glass three or four ice cubes.

4. Enjoy a drink and a Sunny day.

Tip #1. These drinks are very difficult to get drunk, but caution can not hurt, as going beyond the norm to cause a serious hangover.

Tip #2. Better use a cheap table wine. Nothing to spoil the delicious soda drink.

Tip #3. These cocktails are perfect as an aperitif.

Bon appetit!

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