Simple and wonderful appetizer

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If a regular sandwich with bread and cheese tired, and the fridge is not the large range of products, there is another great and simple recipe. All you need is bread for sandwiches, cheese plates and sauce or ketchup, although the latter is not required.

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Roll each slice of bread with a rolling pin to make it thinner.

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Cut from all sides of bread slices crust.

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Spread on prepared slices of bread plate of melted cheese.

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Scotywest bread with cheese in the so-called rolls.

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Heat the butter in a shallow pan. Put the rolls seam side down, fry on all sides (pressing them, not turned), until then, until cheese melts

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In the end, the rolls should look something like this:

Ranok toast-hire-Cyr-Snack 7

You can use tomato soup or any sauce. Though without the sauce it’s delicious — even for Breakfast, even for an afternoon snack.

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