Silo Mesh Card Multi-Tool — replacement wallet

How to replace a wallet? He was bristling in his bosom, strongly hinders, when completely filled with a variety of change types of cards, bills and coins. Sometimes it seems that you have on your chest kind of tumor, but it is not cool and looks weird. Silo Mesh Card Multi-Tool — a strange multi-tool, which is designed to completely replace the wallet, compartments for cards and whatnot.

It can be used as a stand for your smartphone — it pretty well holds it in one position. It can be used as wallet to keep card. It can be used as gengadaran. Silo Mesh Card Multi-Tool can even open the bottle, it has a special focus! The device made of pure titanium, making it lightweight and durable. The thickness of Silo Mesh Card Multi-Tool is only 1.5 mm and weighs 12 grams. Yeah, dude, it looks pretty ingenious. The cost of Silo Mesh Card Multi-Tool — $ 36.

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