Silly holidays in March from different countries

manygoodtips.com_10.03.2015_bPoHb8l1GN9LIThere are a lot of holidays, and one day may have several dozen significant events, which are quite hard to miss. And despite the fact that the eleventh number, you have a lot of time, and now there to make life a little brighter and more fun, at least this month.

The first week of March

March 1 – Day lovers of peanut butter.

Americans on average eat about 3 kg of peanut butter a day. This food is popular since the beginning of the XX century, but nobody knows who the author of this culinary masterpiece. Today it is an industry with a turnover of $ 800 million per year, headed by giants such as Jif, Skippy and Peter Pan. Although not long ago the American public was agitated by the fact that their favorite food was discovered Salmonella, advertising campaigns and this fact put into circulation. Selling product in no way affected.

March 2 – the Day of old things.

You always answer the question: «How are you doing? What’s new?» In most cases: «Yes, okay, same old same old». This day celebrates the fact your a sad monotonous life and all that junk that the third year of gathering dust in boxes after your move from the parents. Surround yourself with these boxes and rock out to the fullest.

March 3 – Day cold meats.

On the calendar of many vegetarians, this day is marked in a black circle. You can get all the meat from your fridge, to fry or to eat raw, if we are talking about sausage, sausages, pork, bacon and so on. And you can RAID the nearest supermarket to reward yourself with a gift in honor of such an unexpected but pleasant celebration.

March 4 – Holy experiment Day.

No, in this day you don’t have to jump from one religion to another with the words: «And you can all see». Actually, suggest you just try to be more true than it is now. Prayer, fasting or some kind of gratuitous of Affairs – that implies the notion of a «Holy experiment».

5 March – Day of several people.

You might like this holiday. But I do not like. In General, get in touch with all your inner self to reach agreement and common thought.

March 6 – frozen food Day.

Get all of your semi treasures from the freezer, warm them in the microwave and enjoy the taste of cardboard and something obscure that issue with a clear conscience for the food. Bon appetit!

March 7, the Day of the Breakfast cereals.

This day much lose day cold cuts and convenience foods. Let’s March again, but the seventh of March.

The second week of March

March 8 – international Women’s day in Russia, from the celebration which we still do not fully recover. And this national day of abuse in the United States.

March 9 – panic Day.

Everyone remain calm, except today. This is the only official day when panic is allowed and even encouraged.

March 10 – the Day of risk.

This day, as a logical continuation of the previous one, when you decided to ignore the panic and doubt, and to put everything on the line. Fortune favors the bold, check out how lucky you are.

March 11 – the Day of memories.

Remember yesterday you took a chance? So, it was not necessary to do this. Now tormented by memories of how much you lost. Think about the color of the trousers left in the walls of the poker club. The beauty of a wristwatch, donated by his grandfather. And about his wife. Though, perhaps, the last.

March 12 – the Day of Alfred Hitchcock.

Okay, it’s a holiday, and the eighth, not so silly. On this day we can watch wonderful films unsurpassed masters have to spend time usefully.

March 13 – Day diet.

Today is the time to remember that before the summer there are not a lot of time, and you dry, and it still is. Celebrate this day right: feed on air and sunlight.

March 14 – Day of potato chips.

As well, day Diet ended so quickly. Buy a couple dozen packs of this delicious prostoty or to make chips in the microwave, grab the remote control and prove his gratitude to those good people who invented this holiday.

March 15 – the Day everything you think is wrong.

If today all goes wrong, do not worry – everything is going according to plan! However for some it becomes a holiday of a lifetime.

16 March – Day progress.

Any, even the most minor achievement in this day you can consider a personal victory. Go to the gym, read a dusty book, learn a few words in a foreign… Today is a great day for such a pastime.

The third week of March

March 17 – Day submarines.

You can watch themed movies or put on repeat the Beatles song «Yellow Submarine». For the whole day. Then this is the holiday you won’t forget.

March 18 – the Day of boxes, drawers and boxes.

Get organized in the closet, place all boxes in boxes, boxes in boxes. You will not notice how for such a celebration will fly all day.

March 19 – Day birds.

That was one of the originators, the chicken or the egg? Think about that for a portion of chicken wings or a juicy Turkey Burger.

March 20 – extraterrestrial abductions Day.

In the US it is quite a popular holiday, but even being in Russia, don’t forget to keep an eye on the sky and monitor the serviceability of the devices. And don’t go into the light.

March 21 – Day fragrances.

Armani, Dior, Boss – pick one thing and a good promarine yourself in a favorite flavor.

March 22 – Day idler.

Your professional holiday! Ask for a day off, wage increases and professional development courses anywhere in the Caribbean.

March 23 – Day romance.

No time to explain: get the friend to enjoy the sunset in the most remote part of the city, it is only there, after that, you will be able to watch the stars. And don’t listen to her mumbling about the heavy working day! It’s all feminine coquetry.

The fourth week of March

March 24 – the Day of chocolate raisins.

If you’re watching your weight, this holiday is not about your honor. For everyone else – another reason to please your stomach and taste buds.

March 25 – international waffle day.

It is a holiday originally from Sweden, where it is called Vaffeldagen. Over time the date was to mark the beginning of long-awaited spring, when the Swedes left their winter classes, like chopping wood or knitting, baked waffles, and then began to work according to the new season.

March 26 – …

This day is completely free and is open to new beginnings. Who knows, perhaps you’ll do some stupid act on an international scale, which will form the basis for future pointless holiday.

March 27 – national Joe day.

I can’t stand your name? Everything and everywhere seems like Joe. And on this day, Americans have parties where all are invited to wear masks. And one name. Guess what?

March 28 – national day something on a stick in the US.

Whether it’s a Popsicle or shit on a stick – doesn’t matter. Anything you can attach to this item, worthy of attention and veneration to this day.

March 29 – Festival of smoke and mirrors.

The day of illusions and mystics. This Sunday evening you can have a masked ball or magic show in the spirit of Copperfield. Only use proven tricks: no women sawn in a box from under the refrigerator.

30 March – Day match of shipbuilding.

Don’t know what to do with myself in the evening after work? Watch the name of the holiday. Now I know.

March 31 – national day clams in the shell.

Great day finishing the end of the month. Grab a friend, go to a restaurant and order for all its thousand rubles seafood. Holiday still.

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