Silly excuses to his superiors

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2015_stwZxuWHuzZOxBefore you begin, dear friends, will tell you themed the story of my friend. Instructive in it a bit, but it was too suited to the topic. My good friend, let’s call him Izzy kamushkin, in the years of working together on one very dubious enterprise have taken his fashion to be late to the workplace every day. Every time Izzy had managed to come up with excuses – sometimes elegant, like French cuisine, sometimes trivial, like «Rolton». Anyway, the bosses are extremely irritated Izina punctuality, that he himself did not care.

ISIN brain lived completely separate from easy life. Sometimes they worked together, like Chip and Dale: brain said – Izzy repeated. And sometimes brain would completely stop working at just the right moment, when our hero with the determination of a locomotive was to meet the girl. But that’s no brain in the head Izina sheath was a simple bully that does not know any words of love, no fear, no reproach. So personal life was not easy, but had a reputation as a pervert. But when I had to come up with the excuse, brain izi improvised, like Jimi Hendrix, thinking about the incredible history of the accident and everyday nuances. The amazing thing is that nobody understood, could this happen in reality. So treated him to unbelief, but with suspicion.

But one day the brain izi affected by the abnormal life of the main character, spoiled yesterday’s alcohol and antidepressants daily, has outdone himself, issuing his «Swan song» in a world of excuses. Brain said the most disgusting and idiotic thing you could say, apologizing to his boss: «my grandmother was crap all over the floor! I cleaned! Or for you it is not the reason!» Why Izzy screamed – do not even know his brain. But it has all been said exactly word for word. Needless to say that Izzy was expelled in disgrace from the workplace?

Why you need a story about a drug addict Kamushkin? Then, it is very revealing in terms of errors. Of course, emergency situations happen to everybody, but if they happen very often, know your stories, nobody believes will happen and when something really serious, you will be late or will miss work for a fake illness, you will not believe.

1. Relatives

Do not use their relatives and persons included in the passport as an excuse. Too often hurts the child may simply withdraw themselves from the authorities, in which case it will suggest to you, or to change baby or place of work. Same story on the inspected family. Not part of. Remember, sick relatives or to recover, or die, so long to use them as a shield will not work.

When I was young and foolish, my classmate came up with a graceful reason for his tardiness: «Daddy long shaved». And rightly so, the cause of life. But now Papa never drives, and blame on shaving the driver is meaningless. And relatives for a long time occupied the bathroom in the morning. Not only that, it’s embarrassing to say, and the authorities will not accept the excuse seriously. Gad from the balcony, even under the bed – but come to work on time.

2. Health

A very common excuse is a complaint on the digestive system. Supposedly, poisoned, ass pours out of the hose. I will not go, chief! It is clear that suddenly poisoned easier than suddenly getting sick with typhus. And I can and go to work. So, don’t use this option very often. He’s on the leaderboard, it loves to apply to almost everything. Leave it until better times, when the situation is very desperate. Given the nasty things that you eat, food poisoning will come to you very soon. But don’t be surprised when your boss hears such an excuse on a daily basis, will give you a reprimand. Or help carry it, or any maximally eloquent.

3. Utility problems

Utility problems suddenly like a broken faucet and flooding the neighbors/the neighbors are very angry superiors. Although, on the other hand, does not prove, if only the authorities will come to your home to check. If you have a house constantly disasters occur, this will start to arouse suspicion. Therefore, it is not part.

4. Traffic problems

The most common excuse is traffic. The most trivial, but the most effective. However, in that case, if you really have to go to the problematic route. Remember, better tube than the accident. If you alternate tube with accidents, it is likely that the chief himself will crush you, but would not suffer.

In any case, to justify long tubes will not work. You will logically offer options: to retire, to relocate, to find another way and the so-called uterus solve all the «transport» delay – leave early. Combo with «detained family was late for the bus» sometimes works, but part of her is impossible.

5. Scheduling problems

Sometimes, you’re planning to go to the doctor, picked a date, signed up, but earlier today, overslept and consequently missed work. So I decided to use as excuses going to the doctor, thinking that tomorrow I will have time to go through the procedure to work. But remember, what in such places the queue. As if you didn’t have all day, miss. Of course, you can think that you were sent to another doctor, but the authorities can bother this illness of the employee.

6. Workaholism

Never say that «wanted to work at home, got up early but stayed too long». The boss thinks you should work only in the office, and if something happens late or come early. In the end, no one will believe you, even if it’s true.

7. Training

If you combine study with work, do not use training as an excuse too often. For most chiefs to take on the job of the student is to decide which wire to cut red or black. For them, your training is a new friend with whom you began to spend more time. Or as a lover. They hate her in absentia. For the first time truancy for the sake of education forgive, second time, third time to say that enough is enough, and the fourth will be ordered to pack up and leave. So save because you will have to resort to this method at least during the session.

There are three Golden rules that you must follow:

1. Your excuse should be realistic, without the ridiculous stories about «save the kittens». In our century, in the humanism don’t believe the truth even if you remove them from the tree.

2. Invented excuse – say it sincerely, but without shouting and disturbances, placing the blame to the chief that he is a soulless beast and can not enter the position. Your absenteeism and tardiness – it’s your fault. It is better to explain apologetically.

3. Never say that coming, if you’re still at home. And suddenly you’re caught in the same traffic? Then what will come up?

The question arises: how to come up with the perfect excuse? Yes way! Pull yourself together, stop being late, and to invent anything not necessary.

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