Signs that you’re still a child


Unfortunately, growing up — something psychological. It doesn’t show up when your chest be the first hair, it does not appear when you first go out to work. Even when you already have children, you yourself are psychologically unable to remain a child. That’s life, man. So how to determine those childish features that will show you that it is time to change something? We will tell you.

1. You order hot chocolate

Controversial reason. But one of my friends convinced that the man over the age of 25, orders a hot chocolate, still a child. She explained that chocolate is unhealthy food from childhood, which were often forbidden. And she’s not male. Weird. However, if the dude’s over 40 years old and he’s drinking chocolate with marshmallows, it’s kind of… childish.

2. Your mother gathers you going to work

Obvious garbage. If you for some reason live with their parents, be kind to pack your own meals for himself. It is somehow not solid. Mom, of course, hurt by his rejection, but deep down she will be pleased that you showed initiative. Women, even moms, like independent men.

3. Sometimes she even writes you a message on a napkin that puts it in a bag of food

Dude, it’s really sweet, but I know that it will be much nicer? If you do the same thing to write a girl. Your.

4. You don’t know how to iron a shirt

In fact, one of the final stages of human maturation is the ability to iron a shirt. If you strongly refuse to wear a shirt, because it needs to be ironed, you’re still not grown. Psychologically, of course. In shirts there is nothing wrong. Not even worth a girl to have in order to do your stroking. Girls say to other people.

5. Sometimes you use the phrase, «When I grow up…» even when you’re over 20 and you can only grow outwards

It happens, man.

6. Your mom still buys you underwear and socks

Even if you live separately. This is the height of lack of independence, man. Even if you buys panties and socks girl, it’s from the same Opera. Buy yourself already own those damn socks! And briefs. Hope for yourself!

7. Your parents are paying for the insurance of your car, some account and sometimes put money on the phone

You’re independent! You’ve grown! This does not mean that you can buy beer and hang out with women. This means that any of your problems, you have to decide for HIMSELF. You can ask for help, but only in the case when you YOURSELF do not. Rent and insurance — what you should pull. If you can’t do any of that, what you machine, that is actually not yours?

8. You have no idea how to calculate tax on individuals. You don’t even know what it depends on its size

With responsibility comes knowledge of how to pay the bills. And taxes.

9. You will learn about the latest developments in the world of Twitter and your friends Vkontakte

Most of the action is passing you by, because you’re not interested in all that goes beyond the concept of YOU. Unfortunately, this is normal teenage selfishness. Find out what is happening in the world, at least in order to know what to expect. Sometimes it’s interesting. There is always something that you can discuss with friends.

10. Contact in case of emergency you always mom. Looks like it will be long

With age, priorities may change at least for the father. Or brother. But the best thing for a girl or a friend. Do you not yet understand that mother care is not only not Mature. The mother does not need to worry, let her stay in sweet ignorance and believes that it’s going well. Possibly the last mom needs to know about your problems. Why care about a loved one? Let her have to live your life!

11. You don’t remember the last time I ate vegetables and fruit

And anyway you’ve been avoiding. With age comes some responsibility. And responsibility for your diet. First mom took care of you, pushing into you steamed vegetables and salads. When you began to live independently, most likely, you’re eating the way you want: drink a coke, that is at first sweet, and then a main course, drink beer when you want, to almost score for fruit and vegetables because you hate them since childhood. When you have the first problems with the stomach and excess weight, before you finally realize why my mom cared so much about your food. So do it yourself. There are delicious fruits and vegetables, believe me! He did not expect.

12. You almost can’t cook

You don’t know the difference between an omelet and scrambled eggs. You can fry eggs on a dry pan, which tightly adhere to the surface because you could not see it Teflon. The list of dishes that you can prepare very small. How to cook a variety of cereals, you don’t know how much cooked chicken and beef too. Learn, man! Or do you think that first you should prepare the mother and then the girl, and you do not have to imagine how it’s done?

13. Are you afraid to go to the doctor and do not know on what day to appoint him a visit

Yes, it is unpleasant, but necessary! Appointed day, time off and go to their problems. But for some reason you pull, carry, and it’s not as bad as you think.

14. You don’t buy never a «consumable products such as bread, butter, milk, washing powder and soap

Why, if it is the «duty» of a girl or mom? Then it still can be drank on this occasion, the type of husband doesn’t care.

15. You ignore the gaps, instead of starting to deal with them

Swim Zhirkov? It does not matter, girls SHOULD love you for who you are. The girl is not happy with me? She’s still with me? So, not so great her displeasure. This is the problem, man! It may not be deadly, but it can lead to death so do something that distinguishes the adult from the child: take care of them.

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