Signs that you URGENTLY need to leave his girlfriend

Sometimes, we understand that it is not one that we need. But sometimes we realize that we absolutely do not need. And the sooner we leave, the better. Often we give her a second chance: people like to remember the good things and very quickly forget about the bad. But there are girls that don’t need to meet because they are wrong and bad for us. Get rid of them quickly.

1. She often «forgets» to take the pill

Good God, man! You need children, will ask you to be honest? Do you remember that advertisement of condoms?

It is obvious that this girl wants married and wants you urgently harnessed. Read this article for more information. And we are rooting for you!

2. She’s with you Lisp like a child

It started not so long ago, man. Suddenly your girlfriend starts to pet around with you like you’re a little dog or a human child. Ask whether they took the pill or had you forgotten?

3. You recently found a GPS tracker on your car

Man, all of a sudden you’re being watched? Most likely, that’s your girl, I’m sure, but if your name is Walter white, it’s okay.

4. She photoshops your and her face, to understand how will look your children

If you think I just thought of something terrible and unreal, then you are mistaken. This is a real story I watched of his friends. I even saw a photo of homunculi. Horrible spectacle, she needs to go on courses of photoshop.

5. She has a very weird, scary mom

The best way to understand what the girl will be some time — look at her mom. Of course, it may all change, but often this formula works great. Yes, and why do you have a strange mother-in-law?

6. She had gained two sizes since the time you started Dating

Needless to say that’s weird? You met a beautiful slim girl, and now she folds and tummy… Feel like you cheated.

7. She has vordovsky document in the computer the «children’s Names»

I once found a document on the desktop, some of his friend. It was a HUGE amount of names, the existence of which I was unaware. I never understood why women attach so much importance? You can always call the boy Alexander in honor of Pushkin, Griboyedov, Suvorov, grandfather or neighbor. Why complicate things?

8. Your mom hates her

Why do you have these female war?

9. Most of your friends hates her

Let girls problems with your relatives. Women rarely get along. But if your friends dislike her, it means that something is not right here.

10. Sometimes you think you hate her

Oh, a warning sign.

11. You go to some trainings to improve relations

If people can’t deal with the problem himself and tries to use some weird solutions, this is the first sign that something is wrong.

12. You have to pay for them

What for, man!

13. She often discussed her period

About the duration, frequency, pain. WHY, WOMAN?? For children, obviously.

14. She has a dog that can fit in my purse

Needless to say that this is a symptom of those girls not worth Dating?

15. She wants you to do General photo and sent him home. You meet about a month

Read the article about the women who too much want to get married.

16. She has a tattoo of a rose or the character for «soup» on agoprice

The ambiguity!

17. You found it with a pin and a condom days

Fear boleski!!!

18. She bite

Biting is normal, but when you remain strong traces of hell.

19. She climbs on your e-mail and other contacts

Crazy woman.

20. You passionately want to do in bed anything

Even if coffee cook!

21. You celebrate all the holidays separately

Surely there’s some logical reason?

22. She said the name of his ex in bed several times

Nightmare! What for it to you, man!

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