Signs that you have too high requirements to others


Sometimes we think that the whole world is shit. Sometimes we are sure that they themselves are knee-deep in the shit, and the people around too shit. Girls some are not went, the other not bro, children — complete vile scum that will turn into big bastards. In short, a solid angst and unhappiness. But, man, do you not think that actually the world is not shit, the world is all right for many years, and that YOU demand too much from reality and from each living person? This is hard to admit, but excessive demands of others is one of the biggest problems you can have in life. How to understand that you are suffering from this disease? This is our today’s article.

1. All the girls are bitches

Any attempt to start a relationship with a girl ends up that you realize something is wrong. She wants your money, she wants to be friends with your friends, it does not behave, do not say so, not all does. And Hobbies she has are not like that, mom she’s not. You don’t feel the need to lighten up? If you’re so lucky to have girls, perhaps you are looking for, or not there or something with its requirements. For example, the girl you think is «perfect», does not exist in nature. Often, when absolutely mediocre guys want them just loved you.» But every girl needs at least some kind of guarantee: assurances, assurances that you would never leave her. She doesn’t need to be perfect for you.

Another aspect of high requirements on the girls: they’re constantly not satisfied. Can happen kind of thing you just can’t forgive. Theoretically and practically you absolutely fine can live with a girl if she was unable to find a common language with your friend. But you don’t want to go to the concessions and break up with her because «she’s not like that». In the future all around you will assure that the essence of girls bitches, just waiting for *insert here the desired*, but anywhere there is a LARGE the PERFECT GIRL (S) who will love you and your a modest salary, and your indiscreet tummy.

2. You always have a desire to teach everyone around him on the right path

You know what to look for in the perfect girl, but you are sure to find something to say when you ask which way we should go. You just can’t not speak out when someone talks about their problems, you give advice to those people who do NOT WANT them. Finally learn to know when you want advice when you want support and when to just share information. Distinguishes man from the excessive demands of others what he can not even think that EVERY opinion that may not be true. When people do not want to follow his tenets, he gets very angry.

3. You have defined criteria to all things, and they change frequently

If you ask, what should be the perfect girl you will meet. If you ask what should be the perfect dumplings, you answer. But that’s not the problem, the problem is that you don’T see girls other than your beliefs, and if dumplings don’t coincide with your idea of the perfect, of course, you can eat but not enjoy. But the reality is cruel. Friends come and go, the girls that meet your criteria, became extinct along with the dinosaurs and unicorns. Your criteria has changed. Today you want her you can talk about high matters, and tomorrow you want to keep it quiet and you nodded in response. Today, you don’t mind that she doesn’t know how to cook, and tomorrow, you will be sure that the girl who can’t cook, only suitable for copulation. Today you want the girl, tomorrow — a Mature woman.

4. You clearly divide people into types

Of course, there are some criteria by which you can easily divide people, and to be right, but that doesn’t mean that every girl who love drinking Yerba mate and wears black-rimmed glasses, refers to a proud unit of TP. Are you sure that is the case, and you never give people a second chance. You first are unlikely to give. In the best case, are you sure that 80 percent of women — bitches, five percent lesbian, and the rest is something you can do. In the worst case the number of the branch is increased to 95 percent. In other areas of life our hero with inflated requirements will be to demonstrate the same concepts. 80 percent of cattle and 20 normal people and all that jazz. In short, you understand that.

5. You do not understand that do not meet their inflated requirements

You want your girl was an innocent, intelligent, affectionate, loved your relatives, blush from the word «ass» knew who Schopenhauer was an amazing beauty with the fourth bust (your!) and the perfect sports press. At the same time it must be knowledge of several languages, no annoying girlfriends, exceptional sex drive and the ability to shut up when you feel bad or do you think about the future of humanity and morality. Oh yeah, she still has amazing to cook such dishes that my mother makes, and that pizza just like your favorite pizzeria. And it must be your own work, you don’t want to have it with you for the money? Well, she must be prolific and be in bed like Cleopatra, that is very cool, but without the snake.

Assume that it exists. Do you think she looks at you? You think you’re really interested in this perfect stranger? I’m not saying this girl is something wrong, obviously. I say that with your high expectations you should have something you can offer your friend. Beautiful body, education, the ability to compromise? Maybe sense of humor? Maybe you are beautiful and you have high growth? Dude, high level requirements should be at least a little fit. The Americans and godless of charge, there is a separation of girls and boys by scores from 1 to 10. Read more about it in this article. 1 never see a 10, and you must be at least «seven» to get closer to the perfect girls-dozens. So don’t screw with our brains, snot, better take care of yourself.

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