Signs that you have not «survived» his former

Breaks in a serious relationship is never easy, whatever you’re told! No matter how well you’ve convinced yourself and your loved ones that you’re okay, if there are indications that you’re not even close to understand and not let go.

1. Did you look on her page in social networks

And, just a cool photo hanging there, funny, well, well!

2. Are you trying to recreate fun moments from old relationships in new, 10.09.2013, ZNKWlnevvd5oOf1lNAwusYKrT0Cz5czV

Your old habits, trips to favorite places. You think it’s just fun things you like to do. Are you sure about this?

3. You don’t date girls, something to remind your ex

Suddenly Rudy’re all bastards!

4. You follow the same routine, which was when you met

And what’s the point to stick with it? You are a free man and can afford not to wash the dishes after a meal. At least a couple of times! At least on the weekends!

5. You masturbate to it, 10.09.2013, TKD8SqpZrBXHyQX1keKtkO6y8FYEwSpC

No, friend, no comments, this clinic!

6. You quickly gaining extra pounds and not even notice it, 10.09.2013, qcHipT8Aa2udOtH8lEHNURsXgJLTmOBv

But you don’t eat a home-cooked meal that you prepared your girlfriend?

7. You go where it usually hangs out, 10.09.2013, Whgwjkn5lV75WoLIQgLBVUKxpc1mpQea

Hoping to meet her, of course, but not because there cool as you think!

8. You can’t watch some movies because they are closely associated with it

Usually, this is a good indicator of whether you let go of your friend. Can watch your favorite movies or listen to your favourite songs without any emotion? Congratulations, you survived your previous!

9. You haven’t planned any celebration or holiday since your separation

Remember about yourself! Enough to respect the mourning for your relationship, man!

10. You kept your conversations in one place, 10.09.2013, dSyBIDWeA8Dl3MVFHyqAlP7VrOx5EWK0

This is the same clinic, a man, as I can remove them and delete them from the recycle bin, then you will become a man!

11. You build a conversation with a mutual friend to talk about her

Hey, man! It’s separate, you’re separate! You know?

12. You accidentally ask mutual friends if she has someone in mind new

Ashamed to be so, no?

13. You keep her photo on the screw or in the form of a map near, 10.09.2013, yCZNMEsVOQd185zh3cUKn2etRGGU8If3

Issued or sleep!

14. You copy certain elements of her wardrobe or dress up the way she liked, 10.09.2013, 4EulrrRm3kx69ZiGEMg9mi7yUzWAg102

Urgently start to think with your head, and don’t tell me that just don’t know how to dress.

15. You do a haircut since your separation, 10.09.2013, YHNL8JBRi0ZpvkiIFmJby83JTUIMjXUv

So now you look like a bum, sad overgrown sloppy bum!

16. You follow her Instagram ‘ om

What she eats, what she bought, who’s that there?

17. You check your email or other contacts in the hope that she decided to return, 10.09.2013, rmcniNpxg379kxDpeoUSJPAbPNWFYYIF

And here will not be back!

18. You expect that your friends will still continue to say you’re better off without her

But they stopped and didn’t say more, because they have frankly tired of blabbering the same thing. These words need to tell you!

19. You still continue to ask myself, «What have I done wrong?»

Hell, friend, you better remember what you did? What is it you were irritated that she was doing wrong in the relationship! If you think of all these troubles, as cynical as it may sound, it is much easier to pull this weed from the garden of your soul, because it is no longer needed, you have more nothing happens! Take it or drown!

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