Signs that you are too young to get married


My mom after I graduated from University, told me that I got married. It is in its picture of the world, or rather, she would like to I married as soon as possible: she gave birth to me when she was 40. Some bro want to do a greater plan of humanity and have children to please moms and dads. How to determine if you’re ready for a serious relationship, get married and have children? Just ask yourself these questions, man.

1. Your longest relationship lasted only four months

Obviously, this is an indication that you’re not ready for a relationship. This is the most important sign, dude. First, let your relationship will last at least a year.

2. You will be upset by the thought of wedding planning

In fact, who they do not lead? In addition to girls.

3. You on a regular basis will often say that you don’t like children.» And indeed it is

In matters of hate children can you say with certainty that the reason for this is because you have not grown up and could not fall in love with these little monsters or that you really don’t like children. It’s okay, man.

4. You like to sleep alone in a king bed, and you don’t like that there will be someone else

To sleep with someone is awkward, but the maturity and true love come when you can someone to sleep in the same bed and not sweating. Although since my College days, I personally can sleep in any position.

5. The idea of meeting someone to the end you terribly depressing

When are you going to get married, you should at least have a moment to imagine that this woman you will stay for a long time. Of course, the chance that it won’t happen, big enough, but you have to believe.

6. You spent a week on vacation and almost killed each other. You know exactly where to hide her body

You’re not ready.

7. You have sex once a week

When you’re 40, you’ll do it once a year.

8. The only person you hate more than her mother, her older sister

The hatred of the relatives will make your relationship much worse than they really are. NEVER think that you’re Dating and living with a girl and not with her parents. The girl does not forgive you for bad relations with his family. At least neutral.

9. You refuse to abandon their personal space

Every bro needs space, but if you’re not ready to sacrifice them, you’re too young to get married. Even live with a girl before!

10. You cheated on her more than he is willing to plead

You cheated on your girlfriend? It’s somehow not serious, I agree. Treason — is always a sign that you do not respect your partner.

11. Are you thinking about getting married in such a way that ex burn with envy and jealousy

Oh, that’s Mature!

12. She was married, her children

Dude, think about this situation!!! Is it really worth it to think about it. Especially if you think there is no need to make babies. Weird, man, weird.

13. You begin to understand why her ex when meeting with you, told you, «You’re her boyfriend? Ha, good luck!»

Hmm, sometimes we remember the warning of former quite late. Not to say that is cool, but sometimes their advice makes sense to listen.

14. You’ve got real problems to come up with something that you can do together

The most obvious way to check out if you like each other go out on a Friday evening walk around the neighborhood to walk. If you will be bored and will talk about can get married, if not, not worth it. If you have nothing in common, to marry no need. Anyway, over the years, max, three, run away.

15. You really don’t want to marry her

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