Signs really lonely guy

For the sake the winter it was so bad that I want to be alone even less than usual. It’s cold, I want to bask in all possible ways: to be fed hot food, cooked you a Cup of coffee in the morning, and under a blanket was someone warm, who can seize at any time and to use as heating pads. To be alone in winter is to be alone twice, especially if you notice these warning signs.

1. The evening you spend at the computer spying on girls

For absolutely any girl. You go to the page of each friend with which said at least once in your life. You want to look at pictures and wondering, should send a message to find someone, well anyone. You click their photographs just out of curiosity, and reveal to you the sad truth: they have someone there.

2. The last girl, which you wrote, your little sister

While you laugh with your friends about what a million years did not communicate with the living girl, you experiment, browse the list of SMS on your phone and find that the last time I corresponded with a girl two months ago and it was your little cousin that you had to fix the computer.

3. When you’re with someone, nothing happens

In someone’s girlfriends always have another girlfriend who have no one. In the house that Jack built. When you gently try to settle with them, nothing fused. These girls are telling very interesting stories about their bosses and about some fun with YouTube, and you’re sitting with a blank look. When you start to say to women is also not interested: who cares about your new training program and how you last weekend tried to prepare at home a real «big tasty»? Are girls never interested?

4. You can’t buy in bars

You come, buy yourself a beer and pizza on the way home wrapped in a supermarket and buy yourself bread which in the morning will make the sandwiches. Himself. Already even there was a time when you were all that interested to treat someone.

5. Family gatherings are for you — it’s trouble

Everyone has at least one grandmother or aunt, who can’t come to terms with the fact that the guy has no girlfriend. You’re young, it’s the best days of your life! You need to find yourself a girl, what about grandchildren? And so each time. They trustingly put his hand on your shoulder and tell you what kind of friend you need. So, go on, very interesting.

6. After drinking you have nothing to boast

When you come together with friends after a crazy party, you will learn a lot about each other. The last time one went home with a girl all night buying drinks. Another middle of the night he texted the girl he has long been sorted. What about you? Came home and began to snore, and in the morning I ate a giant omelette, anointing him with mayonnaise hangover requires fatty foods!

7. The most stable relationships connect you to a cashier in a supermarket

Judge for yourself: you see each other very often, you spend money on her, and she knows all about your tastes. She smiles at you, she is always polite and has no complaints to you. In your relationship you always take the initiative, and she is always available. With the growth of my argument, the idea ceases to sound crazy to you. Like, dude, you’re very lonely.

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