Signs of decay in the relationship

when it's time to leaveThis trouble caused many of the dudes here, even it makes no sense to bet. Relationship long ago went downhill, but neither you nor the friend will not budge. You both understand that we can’t continue like that, but… still live. You are accustomed to this life and are afraid to change, preferring the notorious changes known routine.

Here at the same time nobody’s fault and both to blame. Neither of you is behaving atrociously disgusting. No one who has not changed. Just love covered with a maroon hat, and nobody wants to be a villain, someone throws. Maybe for a day or two you manage to fix everything, but then the problem inevitably returns.

Why no one don’t you? Afraid to make each other miserable? So it is you get. How to find in the relations between the traces of decay and decomposition?

You no longer have sex

Sex is pleasure and interest, and not just another item from a list of chores around the house. Am I right? In the end, you’re not the last people on the planet and you cannot control the rebirth of the human race. Sex is a natural part of normal relationships, but if you turn up, it’s just unnatural. If you don’t want it, looks like it’s time to leave her.

Mind you typical unhappy couple

Who didn’t see them! These two reference unhappy together. Sit at the same table and instead of talking, play phone, under the cover of these bad games from reality. They look like they just found out that they lost their favorite dog, and I don’t know what to do with a dog’s body (and the truth is that doing to them? If buried, then where to put a monument?).

You are not happy with the prospect of meeting her

Through the years, you’re no longer acting like she returned from the front alive, when you meet together to dine it all makes sense. But at least smile and be sincerely happy meeting is the norm. However, its arrival even if you spoil the mood.

You don’t want to spend time alone with her

Every time you invite your friends — wherever you go. Just the idea that you will spend alone with each other all night, throws you down. You know in advance that you or they or you will have nothing to talk about. Friends well play the role of a buffer zone.

You never praise each other

Can’t you see that she has new shoes. Shoes? And she’s wearing shoes? If you see that on her new shoes, you were confused and the amount that she spent on them. Is that right, ten thousand on shoes? And after all, if you praise each other, it does not take a lot of effort, but you’re not even trying. So gradually lose motivation to do anything.

The eternal question with the wedding

Each counter and transverse asks you when you get married. Earlier you were joking and said, «Tomorrow.» Now you increasingly say the word «never». Even better don’t ask. The thought of marrying her makes you desire to run faster and further. Can’t you see her there is no future.

You’re looking at other girls

I sincerely believe that it is normal to observe the landscape from the surrounding women, even when you’re in a relationship: to rate their attractiveness, and sometimes even to discuss it with someone. But if you suggest another friend to buy a girl a drink, then you have a problem. The only reason is to fill the gap in their own relationship, not to mention the fact that you call the seductress from the bar somewhere to walk. Admit it: something is not glued. Are you trying to escape from reality.

Do you compare your relationship with other people

When all is well, you’re both happy with what we have. Of course, not happy every second — it does not happen — but in General, you can’t complain. Do you enjoy the fact that you have each other, and you do not want to change. Another thing, when you see some dude with his girlfriend enthusiastically chopped a console in the supermarket and happily laugh, and I envy them, mad at his girlfriend and regret that you can’t do that.

You are deeply and sincerely unfortunate

This is why you should not be happy? If you’re unhappy, it’s time to think what will solve this problem and to act. What is this snot gentlewomen of the nineteenth century — «it runs in the family»? Send in the oven cowardly desire emotional stability. Do not sign a living that you don’t like, because, most likely, one day you will Wake up and regret it.

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