Signs of a maturing dude

signs of growing up

We are all not getting any younger. Such a disappointing fact. But with beer bellies, bald heads and wrinkles age brings something good, but it can not but rejoice. In some aspects of getting older even nice. Now I’ll tell you what.

1. Friends-girls

Finally in your life are not those girls who get mad that you liked someone else’s photo in social networks. Conventional friends, which are female. When you’re a kid, somehow it is difficult to imagine a girl friend. «You hang out together and never even kissed? Are you gay?»

For the younger guy to have female friends is crucial. When you get older you start to show emotions, feelings and shit. You will definitely need someone to talk to, to help you to understand why the girl broke up with you after the third date, why she’s not talking to you why this shirt is not suitable.

If adults will ask about the relationship or clothes with other adult dudes, they just go in search of new friends.

2. Booze

Young is not a fool to drink, but younger people too. But adults are drinking, not just to get drunk. Why do they do it? They work and can afford it — and the older dudes are not just buying some beer there, but a very respectable beer, pleasant to the taste. You see, my friend, not to drink, and to enjoy the cultural consumption of the drink!

3. To Wake up early

If you’re a student, you can sleep for a semester, if no one will come to your room and Wake you up. Students partying until five in the morning, sleeping for up to three days, and then humming again to five, if tomorrow is Sunday.

Adult guys, which is good for 20, Wake up early, even if the day before they caroused good. It’s not even work. This happens at weekends, during holidays — anytime. You just Wake up in the beginning of the ninth, even if you will not have to. The next step on this ladder is to Wake up and do chores around the house. But if you’re under thirty with a tail, usually you just Wake up, have Breakfast and sticky, yet you would never something.

4. Sports games

The young are always ready to play football, streetball, wasting energy in any way. Which would not have been a game, young already there.

When you’re over 20, you can, of course, to skate or skate but it only plays one song. Well, maybe leave the ball in the ring. If the sport does not require from you a Grand effort, and if you’re not guaranteed to embarrass yourself during the game, it fits.

5. As we watch a sports match

There is a big difference. Young bro going in one place, get drunk, how can the body, and scream at the TV for a few hours, until you cease to understand what they all shout. If their team loses, crushes all around.

The dude is 20, watching the game by himself with a beer in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other, cherishing the knowledge that his girlfriend went to walk for a few hours and he can safely enjoy the game. It can a couple of times to slap yourself on the knee, if it’s a dangerous moment. If his team loses, he’s just very upset.

6. Video games

Young types play a lot. It breaks my heart when I see the incentive that someone lost in the «Dot» 700 hours. Dude, you just think, 700 hours! Guys who are over 20 and play a lot less. They try the game (for the sample shake pirates), 20 minutes honestly sit behind her, and then, most likely, turn off and never turn it. If it’s certainly not something super cool.

7. Fight

Students still do stuff to prove to each other who among them is steeper. The lion’s share of disputes lead to fights, in most cases, dudes are fighting, being drunk.

Most dudes over the age of twenty realizes that a fight is the dumbest thing in the world, which nobody argues. Just the police to come and take you to the office, write down the names, spoil the blood and take away the money. Yes, and the shirt will dry, and the pants tear.

8. Dancing

The younger guys at least trying to dance, because it helps to meet girls. You can invite a girl to dance, to hug her, to whisper in her ear and all will be well, if she’s not drunk in the trolley and not puke on you. If that happens, it’s better to try than to humbly stand aside.

Older bro just stay away from the dance floor because some girls still sober. Seriously. There are older people who just come to the club to dance with friends. Seeing them, better to stay in the comfort zone, come to the bar, buy her a drink, and when she comes back, just suggest it to her.

9. Hairstyle

Younger guys do not comb your hair, because nafig it is necessary to lay them down. They just get out of bed with the haircut Ryan Gosling, which remains on their head for a few years. At least they think so.

When you’re over 20, every time you brush your hair in the sink falling hair. A lot of hair. So dudes do it carefully and neatly cut the same. At this age there is no need to impress anyone its steepness.

10. Condoms

Young bro carry condoms always. They believe that it is a rule of etiquette, and if 20 you will fly girl, you just spoil the lives of themselves and her. In General, this is done mostly out of fear.

Dudes in more advanced age not particularly worried about the rubber friends, because sex with them is much worse. They just use the old protruding at the right time. If not, there’s always a tricky pill that you can drink morning. If this fact is forgotten and she became pregnant, well, maybe it’s time to grow up.

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