Signs of a guy who’s inside lives a child

manygoodtips.com_31.01.2014_QFdtbrBuwEopTLike an adult, but sometimes you still straighten out when you too have fun, forget about the others and let yourself go? Ask the passport when you buy Powerade? I know what you mean, man. Surely your ass is still playing childhood. More features?

1. Permanent components of your menu: «Fruttela», happy, sweet, sweets of all kinds and all those things, the target audience which Mnogomernye marketers believe children. And you are not even ashamed. You buy your happy meal and don’t grab him, furtively looking around, and don’t take likely to his lair. No! You eat it on the spot in front of the amazed public and spell toy. What, you have nothing to hide.

2. You said it to someone directly openly: «I want to be friends with you,» and while you were over twenty.

3. You take everything at face value, as people try to apply themselves, and their promises which they will keep, etc. Your intuition never screams at you: «Danger! Danger!» Holy simplicity.

4. Can’t people not like you in the first place, because you are an optimist and always give them another chance until they fail.

5. You enthusiastically have sex, plunging in his head and forgetting everything, not even worrying about how you’re right or wrong. Sex for you is like great food — fun, which makes no sense to resist. Or the opposite: you are very romantic, almost feminine attitude to sex.

6. You dream at least once a day, and not stingy like: «you Want to be rich». No. Can you imagine all the details and the details of enjoying all the twists of his imagination.

7. In your speech common words that you made up yourself. You often change Proverbs and the structure of words: select a different suffix or prefix, though I know the correct form. Why? So interesting. You are easily given the task to Express something complex swirling garbage.

8. You can make a game out of anything from a writing course at the University to the cleaning of the bathroom. For you, any task is a competition with yourself. For example, cleaning the apartment, you fantasize that you are saving the Princess or even the world.

9. Do you have old clothes that you stubbornly refuse to throw away, although it is necessary. For example, Hawaiian shorts, which on the street seem to be ashamed, but they are comfortable and look to have some palm trees cool!

10. You have an emotional attachment to some personal things. For example, you never leave the house without the player, although you a bunch of years, and many of your peers do not do that.

11. Do you like to play other people and make fun of them. Do you Have a good sense of humor and you don’t want to mess with — just a good laugh.

12. When you see someone for something scolding the child, this adult nerd becomes unpleasant to you because you understand why a child acted this way.

13. You love animals and genuinely consider them my best friends. The house you live kotofey, dog, hamster, or anyone else alive and not people. You are happy to spend time with them and watching them.

14. You love to watch cartoons. Any cartoons: nostalgia for Soviet «Well, wait a minute!», laugh on «the Simpsons» or «family Guy», ocenivat «half-liter mouse» and «adventure Time», and even some anime. Well, like you!

15. You’re not afraid to change his mind. In the shop you first take one, and after a while put it on the shelf in the completely wrong place and get another. You do not hesitate to say «I changed my mind» on almost any subject, where this is acceptable.

16. You have not forgotten my childhood dream and still aspire to it.

17. You more than any of the average worker love to hear praises you are the boss. Some small part of you always thinks how would react to your decision of the parents. Something there, deep inside, is very much dependent on the opinions of people whom you consider senior.

18. You’re much more resilient than most adults, because enjoying the small things: look out the window, watching the animals, try the food. You don’t necessarily need something big to rejoice: and lacking detail.

19. What’s hard is to find special words to Express feelings. But a friend used.

20. Cynicism is not about you.

21. Sometimes you are so honest, that it’s even cruel. Can’t help it.

22. Can you a hundred times to listen to one song, watch one movie and read one book and get from it no less fun.

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