Signs of a guy who just loves the Internet

Poradi.s.ua_10.02.2014_DtXTo5pTn8dZm1. When you Wake up, the first thing you pick up the phone to check what has happened during this night: email, Twitter, news sites, Vkontakte, Facebook and the like. You spend on average half an hour, and then go about their business.

2. Do you know what a torrent TV and almost immediately found where to watch the TV channel «Rain» when he was cut from his list of the major translation providers. Maybe you don’t want to watch it, but there was a desire to satisfy interest in sports.

3. If you for one second stop and think how much time you spent on the Internet last week, you would be unpleasantly surprised by the result.

4. When you’re in the club and decide to dance, even on the dance floor you from time to time glancing at the phone. You’re not bored, you’re not dreaming hurry — just want to once again look at the time and upgrade.

5. If you’re home alone and reading a blog, watching TV series or doing something more directly connected to the Internet, you shamelessly pull the gadget into the bathroom, once went to a booze. And who needs a break?

6. Instead call a friend and ask what she thinks on any issue, you go to Twitter and adresuesh her a question and then waiting for an answer, periodically updating the tape.

7. And who needs a friend if you have 20 new followers?

8. The Internet knows all about your sexual preferences — even on such weird, which you’d never admit it. But you know what? It’s just a computer, he doesn’t care that he does not condemn.

9. In real life, sometimes you are missing some gifs from the category of «in case of important negotiations.» You see a situation when they came to the place.

10. Are you asking the Internet about everything, starting with the question, you’re not sick with cancer and ending domestic problems — for example, from the series «how to strengthen wi-fi signal».

11. On the Internet you can do whatever you want, including food and clothes. You use it as often as you can.

12. You can’t remember the last time you slept away from the phone. It is always about a foot from your head.

13. Your computer was with you in all possible places where the computer not be good.

14. Do you have a tablet, smartphone and laptop — and all that you yearned to take a trip. In principle, nothing more to take.

15. Why? Because there is no panic stronger than «I was left with 10%, 5%, 3% charge, no, don’t disappear!»

16. You already know what is dependent, but because you deliberately leave your phone at home, going to visit, to stay in the present moment and not be distracted. Then you curse yourself every night waiting for his return home, to finally reach the fertile avalanche of updates, which will fall on your head immediately after you cross the threshold.

17. The presence of wi-fi in the school have for you the determining factor. If coffee shops and cafes there is free wi-fi, you don’t want to go there, even if there, according to legend, delicious coffee.

18. You no longer buy paper magazines because of the hacked app on your tablet and now read any press free. Walking past the newsagents and the shelves in supermarkets, you have a beautiful sadness.

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