Signs of a broke dude

manygoodtips.com_21.03.2014_etcxgcuXjCx1YEveryone knows what it means to be broke, of course, except for guys who have very rich parents. Let these guys go to the forest. Everyone else knows what it means to agree to a tasting of anything in the supermarket, go for free trial classes at the gym, to get a haircut and do other nischebrodskie tricks.

Namely, the above tricks are not a complete list. What does a man, who accidentally sits temporarily without money?

Good mint receipt from the ATM before you throw

And anyway, you take this check, instead of leaving it sticking out of his hole (why people choose the option «Print receipt» and do not take?). Every time I go to the ATM and see that, I’m a vindictive poke your nose into someone else’s balance sheet and see how the rogue was a previous client. Sometimes the results are so pathetic that I start to feel wealthy. This is the first reason that forces us to crush bill: let no one know about our plight. Another reason is banal disappointment. I saw a small figure freaked out and in the hearts crumpled up the check. It happens to everyone.

Privorovyvat in stores

Something small that fits in pocket — replacement blades, for example. Blade — it’s a huge injustice: they are so small and are so expensive! Manufacturers themselves impel us to this point.

To use something instead of toilet paper

Newspapers, magazines (pre-crush properly), wipes, soap and water — whatever comes to hand. If near the house there is fast food with unlimited napkins, you are saved. So, toilet paper is worth a penny, but sometimes the entire budget is calculated so precisely that the loss of two rubles have already ruined everything.

You’re walking, if you walk less than an hour

Not to spend money on public transport. If you can see the destination on the screen of your smartphone, not paskalev, so you can get there on his own.

Pass the bottle

We do not mean that you collect bottles on the street as homeless. Don’t forget: you’re broke, you have a little money at the moment, perhaps until the end of the week, so that will fit your battery of bottles in the kitchen cupboard next to the garbage can.

There are pot noodles

«Rollton», for those who are richer, instant food: mashed potatoes and boiled noodles. I remember one guy complained to me that he withhold wages, not because he went to the store and bought as many pot noodles that you can eat a week for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sad story, but true.

Forget to withdraw cash

Everyone knows this guy and all have at least once been in his place. You and your friends go to a cafe or bar, and you’re the only one who forgot to withdraw cash from the card. How to solve this problem? All chip in and thus will pay for your part of the bill, hurray! There is another point: they may offer you to pay the bill using the same card, but here’s the problem: 2000, and you got only 1500. You have to invest money in an envelope with your card — there is no escape.

Giving gifts made by your own hands

Friend, know this: if your guy gives you what he did himself (e.g. the frame), this does not mean that he is a romantic. This means that he is now broke. Buying things is much easier than the same things to do, and if there is a lesson that we hate more than shopping, then it is doing something with their hands.

To wear in the perfume stores

Imagine the situation: you’re Dating a new girl and want to be prepared. To perfume, you have to go in perfumery store since to buy Cologne right now, you’re not. You get there a little early and drop her to a nearby boutique miracles of ingenuity!

To check the balance before each large flow rate

A big expense is the purchase worth, say, more than a thousand rubles. Specifically for such cases you confuse and installed an app on the phone, so as not to shame the stores and not to run to the ATM at the most inopportune moment.

Rant about what I did, if you’re rich

You can do this for hours! It seems to me that the rich don’t get as much pleasure from spending money as rogue when you dream about the moment when he will become fabulously rich. You say you will do first thing when I get paid: what to buy, eat, where to go, who should pay the debt. Sometimes you get carried away even louder, and you begin to fantasize on the topic «if I were a millionaire»: why would they want exactly when you barely have enough money to buy yourself a buckwheat and pasta. But not for long: one day salary will still give.

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