Shrouded in mystery «bald from Brazzers»

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2016_me2Lim9duM2j3I’m a woman, so I’m an actress.

In me hundred persons and thousand roles

I’m a woman, so I’m the Queen.

Loving all the kings of the earth.When I see this verse, the first thing comes to mind is not drunk, pukey, independent and very hot chick in tight hairy, covered with cellulite thighs (like the moon with craters) tights. No, not her emaciated disabilities and dementia face POPs up in memory, and worn-out, filled with ectoplasm faces of porn actress. Here too do you, a hundred people (but often these persons or freeze in blissful languor, or choke the reproductive organ of the actor), and the will of the profession is enamoured from all the kings of the earth.

The same story with porn actors, with the only difference that they are in love with Queens, and members they don’t choke. But, of course, there are all sorts of actors, all sorts of genres, but they’re not your friends. Keiran and Manuel Ferrara, Ron Jeremy and johnny sins. By the way johnny sins, now it’s time to talk about it than not the hero generation. It all seen all know exactly what he does, and his bald head, as the variety of roles that have become a meme. Even the main mustachioed «monstrose» 70’s Nick Holmes was not as popular at the time. And the main Punisher of all Internet wicked sample in 2011 Ben Gan, aka the dark Lord too «unconventional» to be all our friend. But johnny is perfect for the role of friend and comrade to all of us. For the most part, even gay men love masculine heterosexuals.

Yeah! Come on baby, open your mouth!

Johnny, in your typical film –PRA became a comic reference for comparison. Largely, of course, through its activities, but so fun to laugh at Nagiyev, and all other bald men on the planet Earth (that’s logical, and funny, to sign under the photos of Alexander F. Sklyar and Fedor Emelianenko «the bald of Brazzers Oh**nen»).

But about the life of a bald Plowman stretched holes known to very few. If you don’t want to know about his fate, close the website and go see «Miss Congeniality», and we read about the mysterious star generation. In the end, this man got in my life more pornos than we know the women’s names. Even fictional, even with the Chinese. Even Gulnar and Aygul., all we managed to dig up about the hero generation. He was born in 1979 and eventually started to flourish and develop in the sport, uploaded, hairy (Yes, he wasn’t always bald) handsome. But before you get Actresses to scream and writhe, he was engaged in rather dull business. For example, he received the degree, and could do pretty decent business, but life and required some movement and extreme sports. My degree is about the same, where all porn actors bury the shame and decency, went to work as a fitness trainer, fortunately all his life he was seriously interested in the sport. Moreover, different from athletics, to the usual baseball. But even the gym didn’t give him the satisfaction. Deep down he knew that was born for the other. Looking at clad in sweat pants fifth point of the visitors, he felt a strange desire dictates the future of the actor: «You need a job where you can touch them for their sweet place, and don’t be afraid to claim for harassment». So, throwing everything from prospects, and ending with the respect of teachers, he went to Los Angeles, firmly realizing that the next 15 years he will earn directly with their 19 centimetres. This figure we took from the ceiling, johnny talked about it.

By the way, johnny is an alias in all documents he is recorded as Stephen Wolfe. It would seem, also a good name for the porn industry, but not a single actor wish to show my real name in the credits rare. Very specific sphere of activity. Most importantly, choose a sharp, short, simple and memorable alias. After long thoughts, was elected John sins.But even with that alias guy smiled their stretched holes pornoteca. The first months passed in endless castings at various porno Studio. That though as-that to live, he had to earn money on several quite disrespect. What causes people to drop everything and go to work? Disappointment in life? Need to get laid? Idiocy? Boredom? The thirst for thrills? Failure to earn a normal way? The tendency to BL*dstvo? Probably all at once. It is not the poor profursetki, which offered to earn good money, and then they sucked. It’s not Ron Jeremy, whose photographs in the Nude kind friend sent to Playboy, it was a conscious desire. And then we have to envy the tenacity of johnny, his desire to know dozens of women, and even for money knew no bounds, and, after hearing so many failures (too he was intelligent and hesitant for the future of pornomature) took him under his wing Studio Digital Playground. Prior to that, he was sampling in the low-budget and non-serious studios. Currently, these videos have become a rarity, kind of a classic, and its quality of acting and passion, was able to, except that you can’t just tired of adolescents. But in Digital Playgroynd made it out of the meter. Most importantly, since that time, he hasn’t changed, except that the confessions themselves Actresses, and began to feign pleasure. In 2008 begin to receive his first role for the canadian Studio Brazzers, and as noticed, quoting the film «Casablanca», a Horny old masturbator that has witnessed its first success: «I Think this is the beginning of a great friendship.»

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2016_9Kg2Nk71GW6RbIt was then that he was the «bald guy from Brazzers» acting mainly in the Studio. This is where he tried himself in the role of doctor, teacher, plumber and embody all fantasies, who sat in his semen back in the days when he worked as a fitness trainer.

Charisma, bald recognizable image and many roles have made him recognizable, but despite the fame and apparent talent, it can be called DiCaprio in the world of porn. But though he has numerous nominations, he never received the coveted «Pornostar». However, Leo has turned and we are sure johnny will be released.

Johnny why didn’t win? It’s simple — it’s very monotonous. In fact, it is a simple live ducks, even a very popular and recognizable. Raisins in it a little. If he was hairy and not so often plays — there would be the glory. When Brazzers has announced the company’s fundraising for shooting porn in outer space — they offered the role Shinshu not because he is better than others, but because its shape is close to ideal, and his name knows more people than James Dean. Not that refinement cute handsome, the idol of the youth of the 50’s, on all copies the image of Marlon Brando from the movie «Savage», and the one curly-haired Latino, she loves to attack the partner for film on the face and spit in their mouths. Unfortunately, the project, despite the hype did not collect enough money, but of sins is good for nothing.Speaking of sports, johnny leads a sporty lifestyle, he’s got a great figure and all this through proper diet and regular exercise. He maintains a blog on YouTube about your training process. His Instagram is full of photos of his pumped body and proper diet, so if you want to learn the tricks of nice athletic form of the man who then know than to make a living — come to the light, johnny.

Another helpful hint from johnny. For the duration of sexual intercourse, of course. In order not to let the white poison from the jade scepter, he recalls scenes from his favorite horror films. Probably loving izgalyatsya over different genres of canadian perverts with Brazzers ever going to shoot anything based on the films of Hitchcock or carpenter, and to call johnny, if the course is not removed. Maybe someone from the Directors will see his talent and invited to play in a good horror movie to bring the entire watching audience, turned out as Sasha grey. But that’s another story. Most importantly remember not to cum ahead of time, remember «the Langoliers», decapitated, dead dogs, or a fountain of blood from the «Nightmare on elm street,» only be careful, and impotent to stay.

Any porn star can be called wrong. However, it’s his job, and such close contact require the costs of the profession. Simple actors also execute Cloneable with strangers, but they are not in a hurry to call all sorts of discrediting the honor and dignity of words. But the porn actors carry out closer contact, and so cut up a delicious serving of stigmatization. However, lover johnny, a lot of alias Kissa Sins hard to blame popular for crafts BL*dstvo. Let it be a pornographic actress, but can only be removed from johnny and it is his very captivating in it. So to speak, demonstrates her charms and abilities directly from her husband’s blessing. Generally, such people often choose to mate for life colleagues, you know, the specifics of the profession. Not all accountants and doctors like that their mate picks a member, albeit for work in other people’s gate of lust. After all, her friends and relatives might not understand. And the porn actors, it’s much easier what is called «not like people» and such things, they are easier. Fruit children without worrying that the child will see the beauty of mother and dad’s very early. Johnny and Kissa too, met on set, but only Kissa agreed to be faithful even on the court, and johnny is not. Wow, slick! Although, on the other hand, someone has to feed the family consisting of two dogs and two porn actors. Pretty girl, God give her good health! By the way, they also have a blog on YouTube and they have a show about their lives. Funny, but not so cool as «the Osbournes». Perhaps all of the hilarious they leave on the set.

As they say Directors and actors who work with johnny to cooperate with him — a pleasure. In real life he is very well-read and quiet man. Perhaps only with such peace of mind for 10 years as poking around with his rod of love in pimply ass vicious virgins at 22 look 38. Colleagues (male) speak of him as a great guy and professional. When Ron’s father Jeremy said her son is a genius and a master of his craft — he said he was incredibly proud of them, I hope bald in the family all the same. The main thing that Kissa happy, and the fact that no kids is not the time. He is only 36.

Johnny — the standard Spartan composure, the man managed to get to the goal, and stand out among the colorful river of the genitals and moaning. And as some of the Actresses moaning during filming with johnny is not artificial.

To judge johnny’s selected profession — a lot of hypocrites, a person is free to choose his own way. He’s not a hero, but he became part of mass culture, and the will of the crowd and spectators. So, do not be surprised that we wrote about him. Less porn I had to watch. Although… what’s wrong!? Whatever you do, rock-n-roll!

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