Should do twice a day?

manygoodtips.com_24.02.2014_X91oXOAd1tLHdIn my life it is rare that I took twice a day. I am by nature a very lazy man, if that. But some people think that twice a day — almost the best program for every guy. Although this is fitness: there are so many currents, some who help and others do not help anyone except those who invented them. Training twice a day seems effective at least for the simple reason that hell is training twice a day, how could it possibly not help? The most effective formula for weight loss is this: you burn more calories than you consume. Two training sessions a day, of course, are better than one, because you’re definitely going to burn more.

Frequency of training may be different. Every day, two times per week, five times or three times. The main thing — is to the target and the ability to adhere to a schedule. Researchers from America compared the rate of loss of fat layer and muscle-building from an hour-long workout at the end, with quality performance training for thirty minutes morning and evening. Two training sessions were more useful to humans for one simple reason: they were more intense than the one-hour training session during which training had the order to get tired and lose efficiency. Just enough to see what training intensity is more important than the time you spent in the gym. This is confirmed by a Mayo Clinic study that made two groups of subjects to train intensively. First practiced 150 minutes per week for 75 minutes, but intense. Won, as you already understood, the second.

Workout twice a day

It is worth noting that two training sessions a day does not mean that you’re still exhausting each of them to sweat. At first it is possible to do interval cardio, and the second full — power training. You can also do it in the morning light strength training, and in the evening to sit above a complex base of several types of presses, deadlift and squats.

If you want to achieve great results, lose weight and be in shape, workout twice a day — wonderful, but pretty tricky business. If you’re not fat, but just to keep in shape for health, not necessarily.

How to do it right?

1. Prudence and balance

In order to withstand the new load, you need to find a balance between workouts with low intensity and high intensity. It all depends on individual fitness level: if it allows, it’s easy to switch to a more heavy workout twice a day, of course, they should be less complex and intensive than your training, but you have to remember about overtraining.

2. Take care of the fuel

Forget about the lack of Breakfast. Now you must, but don’t overeat because you will be training. A light Breakfast before training, forty minutes after workout snack. Don’t forget about water consumption, you also need to drink a lot. Much more than usual. This article will help you know the amount of water that you should drink.

3. Sleep enough

Yes, with this training program you will definitely be less time than before (if you don’t exercise 30 minutes morning and evening). But you need a good sleep so that the muscles have time to recover and heal after a workout. 7-8 hours is enough for this. And now cool as you want!

4. Between workouts

What is the ideal time should be between workouts that the body is more or less gone? Experienced by American doctors found that needs 4-6 hours. Such time should be between the two workouts. If you’re going to train the same muscle groups, a minimum period between such training — 2 days. I prefer to do between one practice that is usually more than 2 days.

5. The feeling of fatigue

If you feel that there is no progress, and the body is very tired, you need rest. Take two days without training, if it happens again, the rest needs to be increased to five. Muscle fibers must grow, and the nerves to calm down. During rehabilitation, drink protein, eat protein foods and drink plenty of water.

6. Active output

When you have planned a vacation, it’s best to hold it more or less actively. Take a walk around town or through the Park, rent a bike (only ride very much not), go bowling or any other active game. A great alternative to active recreation — sauna, steam bath or massage. This will relax the body and muscles.

Benefits and conclusion

The most obvious advantage — larks delighted. Of course, the owl can become a morning person, but lark owl — with great difficulty. Larks can do a morning intense workout: interval cardio, intense strength. Owls can do the same, but in reverse: a light workout in the morning and in the evening more difficult. Owls in General it is possible to train almost near to closing longs if you have time to get home and to sleep properly. 30-45 minutes twice a day is a great alternative for those who have a really busy schedule. If you are new to fitness, can such a graph much faster to break in.

Remember, it’s not how long you have been in the hall, and how intensely you train. Training twice a day will teach you the important stuff — the ability to not dally in the gym, and work like a dog all the time.

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