Shotgun triple barrel Triple Barrel Shotgun

In my childhood and recently I had a real weapon in hand, but most often I keep the rifle or in the dash, or stanboliiski the Makarov pistol. The latter, incidentally, is complete bullshit, and I’m constantly repairing it. This new surprised me a little. In fact, it is triply shotgun, kotorsq is already known to us two cartridges to charge need as many as three. I absolutely do not understand how it works because interested in the weapon only at the level of «let me shoot, uncle.» All I know is that it was a miracle invented by a Turkish armorer. Based weapon in the drawings during the First world war and the Turkish dude Chiappa shotgun improved and released on General sale.

Gun shoots rounds of 12 gauge, the strength of the shot is equal to the force of the shot Magnum Dirty Harry. You can buy it at a price of $ 1700 on the website etsy.

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