Short film: 5 witty and socially critical films

Magic movie saves us from bleak and gloomy days. The lumière brothers created a miracle, it’s hard to argue. However, in the modern world the issue of the film takes place on the factory production, not uniqueness, but there is a huge amount of clichés, the plot moves, we have seen hundreds of thousands of times. This is a tragedy, really, because time is no more and finding a good movies goes too many minutes, or even hours. Not everyone has the time for that. But if it’s the middle of the working week, not everyone even have time for a full feature film. not, however, believe that it is necessary to abandon the cinema in this case. We already talked about the short film as excellent substitutes pictures grade «popcorn». Perhaps we should continue this tradition, because we managed to raise 5 great representatives of the short film. The selection is focused in the direction of irony and sotsialschiny. It was really cool, very much so.

1. 21 steps to create film for an Oscar

Hollywood long ago trying on all the Oscar statuettes. But, frankly, among the Directors there is no specific views on the suitability and fairness of the gongs. Many eminent personalities believe that the «Oscar» and all of these academics – full of profanity in the movie. We, of course, not as radical, because there are a lot of great films that have won my award. But if you look at the trend of the American ceremony of recent years, it becomes clear that the best film is not the best (subjectively, I agree). The authors of «21 steps to creating a film on «Oscar» has produced the excellent material that pokes fun at the complexity and absurdity of this award. However, some Directors can use this short film as a kind of life hack.

2. Modern Obrazovanie

One of the best films in the collection. Many very Patriotic citizens will see this movie a mockery of Western education, but let it not deceive. Are we talking about the General trend that Russia has struck its roots. «Modern Obrazovanie» is a movie challenge and present free speech in this stream of bans and political correctness, because the weakest link in society – common sense. And most of all, without a doubt, populism and the game value which no one can articulate. The authors of this work make a clear, slightly sad conclusion. They find solutions and don’t know what to do to find out, but they show the reality without any artificial reservations. And it is in our time should be valued.

3. Expert

Oh, gorgeous movie. If you work in an office, then you this picture will be closer than anyone else. However, if you are a freelance designer or advertiser, this masterpiece is also useful.

Customers, according to the Creator of this film, you don’t know what they want. They set tasks, which by their nature cannot be performed. But it should definitely be done, right? Following the logic of most modern corporations, there is no impossible things! Now imagine in what situations it works, the contractor, that is, the conventional «expert»? However, why imagine if this nonsense we see every day.

4. Sagittarius

Crazy cocktail on the theme of the saloon, cowboys and the Wild West. Hilarious film that pokes fun at genre clichés and brings a healthy dose of joy. Some of the jokes, I agree, vulgar and flat, but here they are relevant. And the idea is original, because the «Shooter» is not just a Western, and, in General, from the cowboys here, only the outfit, revolvers and the scene. The structure of the plot is steep. The main antagonist is the voice-over, voice, in other words. There are elements of social humor that does not strain.

5. Blinky bad robot

Strong work, we have no doubt. We are talking about the not so distant future. Have a small family: mother, father and their son. The parents are constantly arguing, and the son sees strange is that there is a robot that brings the family happiness. It is, of course, buy. And here begins the story, which we will not speak. We need only remember that «Bad robot Blinky» – this story is not all about work. Yes, and the robot, in fact, was not bad. People are the source of all problems, and if you ever come to some kind of robot uprising, the cause will be mankind, not the machines themselves. Here’s the message of this futuristic short film. Edition liked, so you suggest.

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