Short film: 5 cool movies that last just anything

Dude, this is an extraordinary collection of cool movies, which we collected especially for you. No genre of solidarity, the criteria collection are belonging to the short film and great idea.

In General, it is worth noting that the idea in «short meter» is always a major factor, it’s almost like with stories: you don’t have time to procrastinate, you need to put the coolest story in a very short period of time, and it should be complete and holistic. Quite a difficult task and this is why so few good short films. On the other hand, got all sorts of hell unwatchable due to the fact that the short film is spent much less money. It’s kind of like, well, there are numerous independent festivals, and the like gives an advantage to young filmmakers, but on the other hand, how much crap is removed, and to find among these monstrous threads something is a real feat. So catch this collection at all times!

1. The horribly slow murderer with the extremely inefficient weapon (The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon), 2008

Director Richard Gale brought the most terrible fantasies of a psychopath. He thought: «what would happen if you will not kill absurdly fast zombies, not wild animals, not prehistoric monsters from the underwater depths, and the dude with the most inefficient weapon in the world?» Your worst nightmare that will never end.

2. Beyond brutal (Brutal Relax ), 2010

Okay, we started with trash, however it is necessary to continue with something more sane. And although, perhaps, not. You have a problem with the nerves, you are constantly nervous and have no idea how to change it – that’s what you are. The best option would be to be on vacation, to relax, drink a cold glass of cuba libre, lying on the beach in his Hawaiian shirt. It’s cool, relaxers. But damn it, something gets out of the water!

3. Six-Shooter (Six Shooter), 2004

Irish film, great has, say, a film that won the Oscar. Generally, there is nothing to be surprised, great character in the person of Brendan Gleason, as well as big-time film Director Martin MacDon («Seven psychopaths», «lay low in Bruges»). We will not even hint at the plot, as the film looks on one breath, and any hint will take away from you part of your viewing pleasure.

4. Provincial preaching (The Backwater Gospel), 2011

Cool animation from Denmark which was recorded by students of The Animation Workshop. Great idea, handed over a stylish pattern and a cool soundtrack. Words almost there, but the film is just 9 minutes. In it we see a small religious community, isolated from the outside world. The message in some way similar to the message of the film silent hill, on the other hand, in the «Sermon» where a big role is reserved to the people under the power of a cult can become animals, and even the devil do not have to participate in their folly.

5. Kung Fury (Kung Fury), 2015

This is a brilliant thing, which is not so much missing in modern cinema. We hope that this will be much, much more. Miami in the 80’s there were the most vicious villain of all time – Adolf Hitler. He is again plotting his evil plans. Who can resist kung fu Adolf but a brave COP in the city – Kung fury and his faithful companion Triceratops. And it’s not thrash, it’s something completely new.

This movie wants to revise again and again. The ending gives hope for a sequel. Funding Kung fury has been conducted through crowdfunding platform, where it was collected 600,000 dollars, but to support the project has offered well-known celebrities such as Elijah wood. In short, it’s really powerful and cool.

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