Shooters: quenching a thirst for blood and discharged the accumulated stress

Not every time you come home, you want to take your brain some important, burning problems. Weekdays so generally most people don’t have time for this. I want to eat, sleep, watch some nonsense, to relax yourself any way you can. No not lazy, just the majority of dudes and so put on his shoulders all manner of obligations that have to perform. In such cases, it is very important to find a quality way of cleansing the convolutions. Of course, there are many ways to take something, but when you’re tired and don’t want neither to talk nor to think, and to have some fun, for this you need a virtual world and one of the games that we you can offer. So, the thoughtless and insane massacre shooters and a wonderful livin ‘ it up. Enjoy it dude, but don’t forget to remember your options. We you and you us, as they say.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

You probably already noticed that the middle ages we love and respect. The Crusades and the capture of Jerusalem. What a wonderful time it was! If you like the theme of knights, squires and severed the halberd heads then you will like Chivalry. In it you have to make a choice between the conventionally good guys», the Knights of Agatha» and the bad guys «of the order of the Mason.» The game itself is a shooter, of course, online. The character level does not affect his abilities, is that a new weapon, which by and large are balanced so well that it gives special advantages. In medieval grinder involved four classes: Rifleman, light infantry, heavy infantry, knight. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Mainly we are talking about the presence of sane armor and movement speed. I think everyone knows that the less armor the faster you move. Particularly pleased with the realism and mass battles.

Killing Floor 2

Fun cooperative shooter that drench you with blood from head to toe. The essence of the game is simple. Do you recruit from your friends command in six States, choose a weapon, go to the location and wait for the first wave of evil spirits, which need time to shoot. The first wave was too easy? Never mind, will a second, third, fourth and, perhaps, one-tenth. But by ten not all survive. There is the good old unkillable bosses and a generous portion of the lack of any plot. Just shoot the bastards and hide behind his comrades, if you run out of ammo. So what else can you say about a game where the main boss is a centennial scholar-Nazi?

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

But Killing Floor only one a Nazi, that’s not right. The guys who invented the addition to Sniper Elite, has corrected this injustice. Finally, we obtain an interesting co-op. You can collect a gang of the four goals, or play alone. Genuine fun guy who missed treatent. Hordes of zombie Nazis, who climb from all cracks and thousands of bullets that pierce their heads. However, to expect from the game something more stupid.

Dying Light

It is strange that about this game we did not. But it deserves attention. The game was not yet informed, but we can say with confidence that Dying Light is one of the most important releases in the world of computer games. Mixed in «the Dying light» not so much. In its content the game is a mix of Survival, Horror and Action from the first person. Happy open world and interesting story that is unlikely to drive in a dream. If you want to feel more pain and hell, then travel to locations night. You will find many surprises. However, when you start to get used to the game mechanics and your actions turn into something repeated and automatic, it seems to deteriorate, jumping off of rooftops does not bring pleasure if done for days on end.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

But in this game you will hardly be able to play until 1 December. Many guys have made a reservation, other update torrents in the hope pre-release discharge. Just to say that the game is relevant. The fight against terrorism within the framework of the computer world, complex operations, which, though in a primitive form, but copy is real. And especially pleased to be violent – the ability to destroy objects. Special emphasis on tactics, provides that have to think much more than it seems.

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