Shoes with built-in GPS unit will tell you where to go, if you a man, you have any doubts

Unusual shoes designed by British designer Dominic Wilcox. His shoes-navigators equipped with GPS-module, which will help to reach the required spot.

If the person you’re bored every time walking in unfamiliar places to watch all the time in the phone and search the desired route to the required destination, this GPS Shoe will be able to act as your guide, because she can not only get directions, but also tell you how and where to go, making this process much more interesting.

He GPS sensor located in the heel of the left Shoe, as soon as you connect both heels, the module is activated. Set the desired route by using your laptop or smartphone via the USB port, it charges the electronics in the shoes. In order to show you the way to both GPS shoes have red LEDs that light up when you need to return. Also, progress is tracked as it approaches the ripple of the LEDs.

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