Shoes of high art

Good shoes, like good wine: it is rarely seen in a regular store. This shoes need to go to the masters who do it with their hands. Nothing compares with the shoes, it is unique and surprisingly comfortable. Of course, someone will say that it’s too expensive, go and buy yourself expensive shoes, which runs half of the city. But you know, a true gentleman values his individuality and comfort. It is for this and need to go to workshops brand of high art.

Needlane and birch

About the company: the Company Needlane and birch lives by the principle «All by myself». Sew, sell, and sew elegant shoes and for every pair of shoes they have an individual approach. Perhaps that is why every pair is special and unique, such a mixture of classic gloss with a unique men’s rudeness. Inspired by the Italian school, they created a brand that is respected and to be reckoned with. Simply go to the Instagram account @needlaneandbirch_official.

The company’s philosophy is a personal approach to each order, the materials are selected according to strict criteria, professional execution and high quality control, a philosophy that really impresses. The guys are working on unique technology, paying particular attention to pads and Shoe, as they say, everything.

Leather for shoes purchased in the same factory where her buy Hermes Berluti and all the rest, including the Golden hands of masters of domestic production. Believe me, this is a huge plus, because only Russian master knows all the nuances of wearing shoes in the harsh Russian unknown foreign shoemaker.

Everything counts: from damp to corrode the skin of the winter chemicals. Therefore, in their comfortable shoes as in Slippers.

The approach to production: All the shoes are sewn to order with all the features of your feet. For withdrawn standards, make the Shoe you choose the style and material, and then the master, taking into account the wishes, demands and peculiarities of the feet, makes you exclusive. It all depends on your trick. Want pointed immortal classics? Please. Want space crocodile boots, the singer björk, is to health. If sewing is not, and a good quality shoes need blood from his nose, do not rush to go to the store. In Needlane and birch have a large collection of footwear ever stitched by craftsmen of the company. If you are lucky enough to live in St. Petersburg and Moscow, all models can be viewed in the online showroom-Atelier. Shipping on those two major cities is absolutely free.


About the firm: Indever – brand men’s clothing, accessories and shoes created for natural born leaders. Products Indever sewn to order, and only according to individual client’s standards. Formerly known as the » Munro Tailoring Russia (Munro Tailoring Russia), the company managed to acquire regular customers among businessmen, politicians, executives and the men who used to appreciate the quality, comfort and other benefits of the wardrobe, created especially for them.

Studio Indever sew shirts, suits, coats, shoes and other accessories that ensure the creation of a harmonious and complete image of a modern man – Total Look.

But let’s talk about shoes of this brand.

Classic oxfords, Derby, druggy, monkey favorite clients for the convenience of pads and manual drawing, which gives a wonderful play of colors on the Shoe.

Everything from the formation and sewing of the Welt to the compilation of the sole and heel and also painting shoes, made by Russian producers. Are you surprised?! Russian shoemakers know the secrets and apply sophisticated technology, delighting your feet comfortable shoes.

No matter how far he jumped, technological progress, better sewed manually of shoes and never will be. The shoes are made of calfskin, but by the summer, order the chic boots made from exotic crocodile.

Studios located in 7 cities of Russia. Shoes present in the studios in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Surgut and Tyumen. Saw this list in your city? Think about what you need quality shoes? If not, immediately think!

The approach to production: the Process of creating modern shoes Indever not differ from those from the masters of England early 20th century. But, as we have already mentioned, it is the observance of these traditions is distinguished by high-quality footwear from the boring store-bought cheapo.

The process of creating a brand of high art begins with your appearance in the Studio. Select the block, then you choose the colors and, most interestingly, the method of painting. Traditional manual provides a variety of colors: brown, black, tobacco, and very soon there will be a few more unusual Marsala and blue. When machine – color- Prim and elegant classic: brown, black, sand. In any case, they do not try, two equally colored pairs of shoes will not, and this is the uniqueness of Indever.

We will not torment you step-by-step story about how to made handmade shoes, to procure the skins, cut and other details, only a unique technology for the manufacture of soles.

Experienced buyers do not need to explain how important criterion for selecting shoes is the fastening method of soles. One of the main features of the Shoe Indever is rantolo-glutinous method of fastening soles Goodyear. Goodyear Welted – type design of the Shoe when the sole is not stitched directly to the Shoe upper and to the Welt – strip of leather, which in turn is sewn to the top of the Shoe and the insole.The space between the inner sole and external sole, bounded by the edge, filled with a cork material; and the junction of the soles with the edge usually and additionally glued.

Now hardly anyone makes the shoes Welt: you have to sew the Welt and the top of the thread manually, which is quite time consuming. But very high quality.

Shoe-making takes a lot of time, but this is the case when it does not require haste. In a month, you will get what your foot did not dare to dream.


About the firm: But what we’re all about shoes and shoes. Sneakers handmade don’t want? Yes, it happens. While all are a couple of popular models, you have the chance to flaunt in a unique and fashionable crosses, which produces Afour in Saint-Petersburg on their own production. In the present collection of only classic silhouettes, time-tested, but executed in a modern way: from natural materials upper with light sole of its own production.

For every season the guys from Afour prepare your own collection. But, unlike most manufacturers of fashionable shoes, this shoes suitable for everyday wear due to the comfortable pads and high quality materials. And be responsible for the quality here can, otherwise give a 1 year warranty.

The approach to production: Afour – one of the few companies, which, in addition to the ready line, gives you the opportunity to feel like a designer, without leaving home. Megaudobnaya all thanks to the online designer at the website where you can create shoes for individual parameters based on the proposed model. After ordering I’ll send you a manual on the measurement of the foot and based on the results pick the right size and last, if necessary, making adjustments specifically for the foot of the customer. To doubt with the size of the left, you’ll send a special technical pair of shoes, which repeats the shape of the pads of the customer and helps to determine the size.

You can create shoes for individual parameters based on the proposed models. I’ll send you a manual on the measurement of the foot and based on its results, select the appropriate size and the block, if necessary, make adjustments. In order to not have any surprises, you’ll send specpro, which repeats the form of pads for future couples of the customer.

Don’t worry to pay extra for it is not necessary, it is included in the cost of the order. In just 10-11 days after all approvals your pair of shoes will be finished and sent anywhere in the world.

All the shoes are handmade with the best designers and tailors, and each pair is custom created by the customer taking into account his preferences. The only thing same about them is the sole is made of eva material, which correctly distributes the shock load and allows you to walk long distances with comfort.

Mr. Gevork of Bagasharovich shoes Lab.

About the company: Moscow the team of Mr. Gevork Bagasharovich shoes Lab. manages to make not only the highest quality shoes, but also a very useful website, which will be interesting even to those who picks up the shoes on only one criterion – that the chafing. Here you can learn facts from the history of shoes, information from the world of fashion and the knowledge necessary on its care and storage. By the way, there is a very handy program for iOS and Android, which is much easier to track the activities and achievements of the glorious shoemakers. That’s what the approach to the client.

Each pair is prepared individually with the finest materials. One can endlessly enumerate the advantages of specifically shoes, but more eloquent to say about this media persons who have left their comments on the website.

It is worth saying that Mr. Gevork of Bagasharovich shoes Lab. – a very famous brand for the production of handmade shoes. This shoes are very loved and appreciated back to 1989, and as you know, the longer Shvets works, the better production.

Approach to the production Here, just like in the best Italian workshops. You come with your feet is the exact measurement that takes into account the smallest nuances and parameters of your foot. Then by the standards of a personal pad, and is made by hand from wood or plastic, and then begins a laborious and difficult portrayal of small moments, again, manually on the Shoe.

Then the work begins with natural skin, tightening the Shoe in the permanent presence of the master kolodochkina and the designer, then is sewn to the Shoe heel with speckle and screws. Then the iron shoes, glued heel cushions, beeswax, in a word, make a masterpiece. And then the big moment – fitting.If at the time of fitting you will feel discomfort, it will instantly eliminate. The process of issuing very responsible, he collected all the masters, and while no customer was angry and demanded to return the money, all were satisfied. With each pair of the master of perfecting a system of making shoes, it is only in the pursuit of perfection will create a masterpiece.

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