Shitter: your twitter on toilet paper

The toilet

Twitter has launched a new service Shitter, which offers users to print the content of their microblogs on toilet paper, according to Mashable.

Shitter offers the ability to print messages of the customer and the contents of the tape recordings of his friends, list of favorite records or communications of any other Twitter user on the toilet paper. The slogan of the new service was the phrase: «Social media has never been so disposable.»

The cost of each roll mikrobloge is $ 35, the minimum order is four rolls. According to estimates Mashable in a standard roll of toilet paper 75 sheets, respectively, one sheet will cost 8.5 cents. You can pay via PayPal.

Shortly after the presentation of the service Lindzon Howard (Howard Lindzon), engaged in the investment in projects at the initial stage of their development, announced readiness to invest in Shitter.

The toilet

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