Shelter for the introvert: the places you must visit one

manygoodtips.com_29.04.2014_cuuSbh1CDVHCqAhead of the may weekend! You’re probably going to spend them with friends. It’s a good thing, but we recommend you something completely different — to enjoy all the pleasures of privacy in some places. Why one? Because you realize how good they are only when next to you will not expensive and close to the heart, but a distraction in the face of friends and girls. Sometimes you need a break from people close to you.

1. Park

It seems that the Park is a place for strolling couples in love, families with prams and a brood of children, but it is not so. Have we forgotten that the main purpose of the Park to bring joy to residents with green Islands of nature in the concrete cities? Parks are needed in order to enjoy nature, ride a bike, sit on the grass and breathe fresh air. It is quite possible to make one, right? You’ll be closer to the earth and to nature. And this is exactly what is losing the modern man!

2. Promenade

On the promenade next to the river or sea I also think like about the Park, saying, this place is for families, companies and couples. People just do not understand ogranichennosti ideas of solitude! Again we lose the ability to enjoy his thoughts, fresh air and such a simple but charming thing, like flowing water. Somehow I remember a book by Huxley «O brave new world», where people were forbidden intimacy.

3. A place that serves your favorite coffee

Well, or any other beverage. Even alcoholic. Everyone has a place. You used to go there with friends and girlfriend, but get rid of this habit at least for a day! Talking will distract us from the view outside the window, to read a book and good taste.

At the bar sit so work only during the day, Yes, and it is unlikely for the may holidays! But you can be alone even in a crowd of people. Enough to take a drink, a meal and dump into the far corner of the establishment. Repeat until the attainment of enlightenment. A big plus of the may weekends and solitude in a cafe with a good range of drinks — possibility to read a good book. How long have you been reading books? That’s it! And you have a great opportunity to get double the fun: a good book plus good coffee. And if you are lucky and this place is quiet cozy atmosphere, the pleasure will be threefold!

4. Theater or just theater

The movie is a sociable thing. People even create groups in social networks, to find partners for trips to the cinema. Seriously: there is a community where looking for company to go watch a movie that I’d like to see, but perhaps the policy of the theater prohibits a person without a company and a couple of sessions. We don’t know how to explain that fear to walk alone in the movie. Perhaps this is because cinema is perceived rampant majority of citizens as joint leisure, one go to the sessions as the opportunity arises. With theatres such as garbage.

In fact, watching the movie alone compares favorably with watching a movie in the company. No you are not distracting anyone near there and can be completely immersed in what is happening on the screen. You’re watching the film for what it is, take from it what they want and more subtle feel it (unless it’s some new fashion action). In the end, you’re going to watch a movie or hang out in the company? For two hours in the twilight you can just forget about the world, eat all the popcorn in one mug and collapse on the chair like a king. Most importantly, choose a place away from everyone and the less visited session — morning or afternoon.

5. Art exhibition and museums

Sometimes it seems that trying to leave with someone at a trade show or in a Museum equivalent of trying to read two good books. Of course, if you really Dodge, you can do this with your man, but if you try to do it in the company of people, there will be chaos. Instead to understand what is depicted in these paintings, you will go for your friends or girl, train, medosmotre one or the other work. Particularly troublesome to walk with those who do not appreciate art exhibition, and comes just for the company. You haven’t looked at everything, and im already bored and pulled you to another room. I agree that one is much easier to see all the exhibits: you could stay at any jobs as long as necessary, and those that do not cling, do not delay.

Let just you and the Creator of these works. Or idea. Or the work itself! Less distractions. Then, of course, you can go in the company at the same exhibition, to reinforce the impression.

6. My bed

On may holidays it is vital to sleep! But it is better not to sleep, but just lie lazily roll over and stare at the ceiling. Bed is an intimate part of human life. Even if you sleep not alone, the other half of the bed completely yours. It may not be the only thing in addition to personal gadgets, which we believe is an extension of yourself and the personal space. Our bed is our refuge.

Relax, read, watch videos, give up where to go and unleash your laziness.

7. Any other place

In conclusion, I should add that there are many places that can be visited one. The important thing is to learn to do without the company of people. You have to understand that the privacy and care of personal space is also important for a person like communicating with other people. You have such a good opportunity, thanks to the long may holidays. Rest of human society and «reboot» itself. Why not use it? Vacation can be not only the company, but all alone.

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