She’ll leave the Love lives six months?

Congratulations, your relationship lasted six months! Well done. Before we open the champagne, think about life. Six months is a dangerous period. On the one hand, the date is almost round, with the other threat. The relationship can turn into a nightmare at any time, so if you defeated half a year, then you could be helpful. Now it is important to understand that to calm down and to rejoice still early. You have reached a symbolic milestone on the road of your relationship. In fact, it’s your first significant date.

Ahead of you are change. Good or bad, but the nature of the relationship transformirovalsya as soon as you cross the six-month mark.

New level?

Semi-annual date, it is logical to compare with a fork on the road. Now you have to make a choice — perhaps unconscious, but nevertheless a choice. One path leads you to a deeper commitment to each other, the other view is no different from what it was before — the meeting from time to time with subsequent ticket back to a lonely life.

Even if everything is fine, the decisions you make now, can irreversibly affect the future of your relationship. You have reached the so-called point of no return. Six months already either sink or swim.

Decisions, decisions

Now stop and think. Are you happy with his girlfriend. It’s time to decide. You were together for six months, but sometimes the fun ends and the hard times come — when you realize that you have no future. Six months you can still pretend to be a good couple, to deceive each other and to tempt fate. Now imagine that you’re going to fool around a year. Two. Five years. You feel a normal person?

If you’re in a relationship, you better cut off their right now while you remember what your life was without her. When you’re desperate to dive head first into the relationship, it will be an impossible task.

How to understand that you can continue

It is impossible to come up with a formula that fits all relationships: all your honeymoon, your amendment. First, all easy and fun, and sex is the main driving force.

When you start a new relationship you’re worried. In the first months you no longer such a thing as a comfort zone, you get used to each other, learn habits and sentiments of each other. Between you and a lot of passion, and you want to keep it as long as possible, but these aspirations too naive to be fulfilled in reality.

In the first six months you will have the nice touch, with the warmest impressions of physical proximity. When they go, many couples take it at the first sign of the end. Relax. Change is good. If the relationship will survive the honeymoon period, everything will be settled. This is the first sign that you need to spend together the first year.


Now let’s analyze how often you talk on the phone and all things with phone calls. You talk to him every day? If not, it’s most likely not the love of your life. Adequate relations after six months, you must consistently communicate on a daily basis. This is not a lust for control, and normal human relationships.

When relations are normal and they own a great future, you Wake up in the morning thinking about her, and fall asleep thinking about her. And there? Then give you another six months.

Your day

What topics are you discussing with a friend lately? Forget the first two months — at this time, all lose their heads and behave inappropriately. Besides, in the first two months we rarely tell each other about their problems for fear of burdening each other.

When your relationship is approaching a semi-annual level, you begin to trust each other and share without a second thought. Very important responses to the challenges of each other. You’re interested in the details to know about her work? You’re bored, when she begins to talk about the difficulties in your family? From your answer to these questions depends on whether or not to continue this relationship further.

The beginning of the end

In General, the signs of the approaching end of a relationship is easy to see even from afar. For example, if your girlfriend eating habits, which are all six months got on your nerves, nothing will change. If every date ends in a quarrel over trifles, not worth wasting time on this relationship.

In six months you should get rid of all illusions about her. If after that I started glancing at other girls, it’s a bad sign. Want to walk — throw it. She deserves better than an incorrect and insecure asshole. And you won’t be happy with her, if your thoughts are constantly elsewhere. Go, if you pull to leave, you don’t have to be chained to the relationship.

You are already making plans for the future? Even if it is just joint training or new sex positions — you are talking about the future in a relationship? Perhaps the most important sign that your relationship has outlived its usefulness, is the absence of discussion of the next six months. If you look to the future and is not going on two, ask yourself a question, do I need to take her back with him.

Finally, the last tip. This date should be noted. Go to the restaurant, to a concert or to the theatre. Communicate and discuss your relationship. Where you turn at this fork?

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