Sheep spent under the snow 11 days


So, man, miracles, however, happen, but it is worth noting that on close examination they calmly explained logically. And that doesn’t make them less wonderful, but on the contrary!

Dude named Stuart Mackie — farmer education, helps his parents on their farm. Scotland failed terrible in the snow. The farm suffered huge losses, almost all the sheep lost in the snow. Imagine how it is there!

Stuart passed on his land, and considered the results of the violence of the elements, when suddenly I heard close to sniff in the snow was a hole where Stewart found the head of a sheep, which stared at the guy. The sheep was alive. Due to the fact that the sheep have something to breathe and to drink, she spent 11 days!

Sheep pulled out of snow, watered, fed, gave her Blankie back. And the sheep waiting for the kids. There is at least some replacement of the lost sheep, as apart from this sheep farm gone — all buried under snow and died long ago.


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