She needs to know everything about your past?

Work.kom.ua_6.06.2014_PnE0gnEpkjx5hWhen it comes to honesty in relationships, the light comes out the real hypocrisy. We preach the importance of truth, but we bypass acute angles with the relationship with our partner. A refusal to disclose the whole story about the past and past sexual experiences does not excuse you from the title of liar. Down with the grey area to be honest or lie to my friend?

If all goes to serious relationship, if you think this girl’s the one, meeting your lie that can be revealed, may result in the loss of trust. She can’t dump you, but that degree of confidence, as before, between the two of you will be gone. Alas! Again, I mean serious relationship, not light, a couple of months. In the latter you are unlikely to tell her something of his past, well, with three boxes lie to her. Here we are talking about the girl you introduced or going to introduce to your mother that is special for you.

Even if this girl no, you must be prepared for its emergence. She may be on the horizon. Or she is on the way. Or years separate you. But you have to be ready.

Need to explain something about understanding women a serious relationship. When the guy meets the girl he realizes and knows that she’s not The One. Usually he strongly gives him to understand, but often he just thinks that gives. The girl, in turn, does not understand this seriously or not, because everything goes as usual: flowers, gifts, gatherings together, trips to visit friends. But you do know that it just. Then you slowly turn away from her, and she does not understand what is happening. In the end you have to explain to her that «no one no one should,» the universal phrase for short-term relationships, these relationships were not serious and were simple spending time together. The girl is naturally not satisfied, because you never said, never mentioned that these relations for convenience and do not lead anywhere. Because the contract relationship will agree, not every girl! Here’s a heresy. What I? Oh yeah, you also need to tell your girlfriend. SAME.

The second half

An overwhelming number of people in the world wants to be loved. Almost all want it. We want to feel love. But when we want to start doing it, we forget that the rules in this «game» is a new thing to us. In fact, the term «game» does not fit here. Now you’re both equal. In love there is no other way. But how far would you go to strengthen the connection? How fair you both?

Need to be as open as possible, but under one condition: if she answers you. In fact, about the shoals in the relationship, we wrote in detail in this article. Given some common sense (for example, to tell that you threw up my best friend for his birthday, still not worth it) the trust must be complete. Why I say so? Because there are a huge number of couples who broke up because of skeletons in the closet, when it lived quietly. From the beginning, this can be prevented by honesty. Sorry, admit their mistakes and talk about them, we don’t have the courage.

Scandalous past

You in the past can be a lot of unpleasant things. But it’s better if she learns about it from your mouth. For example, a story about a relationship with a married woman much older than you when you were 20 years, could lead the girl to a nasty screeching halt if she hears it from someone else. So better tell her about it himself. To say it is always necessary sauce «it made me the man I am today», girls appreciate it.

You stole a car when he was a schoolboy, ride and left in the country? Tell her! Your father was once beaten you to death? Tell her! You have a strained relationship with his parents? Tell her why, otherwise she will never understand why you don’t want to introduce her to other relatives. You have a different sexual history type of trip to the Swinger club, meet a girl by appointment for sex? Share this with her. If there is something shocking, she will take it much better than when he finds out «accidentally». Do not need to «forget» to mention the relationship. Because one meeting with a girl from the past may well podporte relationship with a girl that you’re «serious».

Need to know

You know, how is knowing that you’ve found the girl? Quite by accident! I’m serious. On my birthday almost two years ago I accidentally introduced my old friend to my good friend. And here they are the next day together, man shines and tells that they have all seriously. Six months later, they married and then gives birth to a child. Here everything happens quickly. And to this girl the guy was another who insisted that he should get married because they were together for about three years. After this lady got a wedding dress, forcing him to get married, the man gathered his things in his arms and dumped. And then I met THE one.

Sometimes you sit in front of computer and suddenly you realize that the girl you meet is the one that you need. No more casual Dating! Even if together with THE next three girls, each of which you reached a certain base, break up with the other, and this girl tell about the existence of three more. If she doesn’t want to be with you then that is her right, but you were honest with her, if she did, she deserved it. If you do not stop this situation at once, all can ruin a casual call these ladies or a chance encounter with them on the street. The most important thing in this situation: you can finally feel free.

About minor corrections

If there is a serious conversation, it is not a phone conversation. And certainly do not need to write on a vital topic of a text message, that is cowardice! Call a girl for coffee in a small deserted café and begin to pour out her soul. It is an act! So you show that you girls have nothing to hide, what are you polite and respect her. Will appreciate any girl if she not a complete idiot. The girl will have a million questions, and a matter of honor to respond to each of them without fear. «Nobody owes anybody anything» is a formula for frivolous, and when you are all serious and she HERSELF, the rules are quite different.

You leave the past behind you, you practically confessed. Now are you ready for a serious relationship. You yourself will feel like it’s all nice and easy.

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