Shave like your grandfather


Today we are losing the art of proper shaving, but the need to shave every or almost every day does not disappear. The average modern man has no knowledge about the art of traditional wet shaving, which he mastered to perfection by our grandfathers and some of their parents. Instead, modern men are cheap and available means for shaving. It is not known when or why originated this trend, but the tradition to pass the secret on shaving at some point, stopped abruptly. Fortunately, this remarkable men’s ritual returns.

The benefits of classic wet shaving

Reducing costs

  1. 8 pack of blades for common machine can cost you more than 600 rubles! It’s at 75 rubles per blade. Cost of double safety razor is no more than 800 rubles. You can save a significant amount by switching to a safety razor.
  2. Use a traditional shaving cream and soap. Shaving gel worth 150 rubles, but can not guarantee the quality of the shave! In addition, the cream and soap made from natural ingredients and gel – pure chemicals.

Take care of the environment

If you apply the traditional method of wet shaving razor double safe, you consume less plastic than when I use razors with replaceable blades. The only waste, wet shaving — one steel blade and washed into the sewer foam. Steel blade is processed, and the water with foam for shaving perfectly clean, unlike non-biodegradable plastic cassettes for razor.

Consecutive shave

Most modern men don’t know what their process of shaving is just awful. Newest electric shavers and the blades are very badly irritate the skin, forming a small burn, affecting ingrown hair, hair follicles which become red and swollen.

Safe razor will reduce irritation and give a male face a clean, healthy appearance through the use of one blade instead of several that spoil the appearance, reducing sideburns. Realizing this is the oldest ritual, you’ll feel like big men John Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt.

Tools for classic wet shaving

Safe razor

The transition from a cheap machine in a safety razor similar to a transplant with a horse Mercedes. Safety razor is a machine, sort of a good mix of heavy and durable metal in his hand. The machine is plastic cheap.

Safety razors are not hard to find. First, ask your parents and grandparents, who did not keep this wonderful thing. If not, take a walk around the flea markets, flea markets and antique shops. Such a tool would not be cost 300-500 rubles. If this is not possible, then take a stroll through eBay, there you necessarily will find something. In the end you can buy a new safety razor from a company that produces them to this day. Beautiful safety razor produces the German company Merkur. They have different models with different price. New safety razor will cost about 1200-1500 rubles.


Today men have a choice of blades with different designs. Experiment with different types of blades and choose the optimum for you personally. Beautiful blade made by an American firm and a German Merkur Personna.

Shaving brush

If you never in life did not use brush, don’t know true men’s pleasure! It will help to dissolve the shaving cream to create a rich foam. A shaving brush makes the cream to foam stronger, literally awakens every bit of that provides a clean and smooth shave and, of course, a pleasant sensation from touching a soft brush to face.

Swabs made from the fur of badgers and pigs. Bristle pigs are tighter than a badger, so it holds less water. Shaving brush bristle pigs are cheaper, it cost around 120-150 rubles. If you really want to enjoy shaving and an excellent result, it is better to buy a shaving brush made of wool badger. A swab of wool badger sold in specialty stores or you can look at

Soap and cream

If you’re a regular guy, you probably bought the wrong shaving cream, I could find in the nearest store. This blue or green chemical composition does nothing for your face, also still smells like a hospital ward. Traditional cream and soap contain natural ingredients that nourish the skin and give it a real flavor of courage. Such soap and cream products may cost more, but the excessive foaming allows you to use the same volume twice as long.


The preparatory phase

If you want to achieve clean, smooth skin ready to process your beard or stubble. The point of training is to soften the hair so they are easily shaved off, and shaving did not cause irritation. A great way to prepare for shaving is to take a bath or shower. Hot water will soften and hydrate the bristles, which will in the end easy to srivatsa. If there is no possibility to take a shower, dampen the hair with plenty of hot water, or put on the face towel dampened with warm water.


Take a small container and put a little shaving cream. A swab moistened with water and whip the cream until obtaining a good amount of foam. Apply the foam onto face in a circular motion with the same brush. Well covering face foam, rethrownew its surface with a few light strokes of the brush.


Of course, safe shaving with a razor, unlike machines, require some skills, abilities and practical experience. When one acquires the necessary skill, he shaves literally in the blink of an eye. Remember the four rules for successful safe shaving with a razor:

  1. Minimizes pressure as possible;
  2. Hold the blade at the greatest possible distance from the face;
  3. Bray hairs solely on the growth direction (against the grain not!);
  4. Consistently had their hair shaved off in layers: cut your beard, and do not try to remove it in one fell swoop.

These rules will help you to get used to the process, if you have always enjoyed a machine with replaceable cassettes.

Don’t push the razor because of its weight enough to cut hair. Pressing the razor to the face will result in cuts and in the morning — you just cut the face. To cope with the desire to push, hold the razor at the tip of a pen.

The right turn razor is the tricky part. The optimum angle between face and blade – 30-45 degrees. To achieve this angle, put the razor head directly into the cheek parallel to the floor. Now slowly move the handle down until the blade will not cut the first hair. Practice on hand before you begin to shave the stubble on my face.

Shaving against the direction of hair growth will help achieve the smoothness, but will lead to the appearance of ingrown hairs. Shave gradually, sequentially: the better you make the blade a few times for hair growth and you will achieve a perfectly smooth skin.

The purpose of the shave is a gradual cutting and shortening of the bristles, and not remove hairs in one easy motion. Most men want to get rid of stubble with one razor. This technique is «slash and go» causes skin irritation. To avoid skin irritation, wash face and go to the same place several times.

Care after shaving

Rinse with plenty of cold water to narrow pores. Choose a good face lotion. Use the one that you like. Aftershave helps reduce any irritation that may occur despite all precautions, and gives your skin a healthy look.

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