Shake hands with wrist — why not?

manygoodtips.com_8.04.2014_ImaI1IJ5Hr5ldYou must have seen something similar in historical movies where men in sandals running into each other with swords, or on YouTube. Some call this handshake a Roman who Spartan, and no one in the modern world does not use it. And it does nothing. We have to change.

Why we should switch to a new type of handshakes?

1. It is impossible to screw up

No one can complain about your handshake wrist. No one would call it sluggish, nor too strong. No more cliche: you’re not the guy with sweaty palms; not a guy who breaks other fingers; not the one who tightened the grip. All of these problems no longer exist.

When you take another man by the wrist, you can’t go wrong. You can’t do anything wrong. Even if your goal is to hurt him, it is unlikely you will succeed. Try it on your own wrist. Your fingers will get tired before your wrist will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, if one dude decided to complete the handshake, the other guy will not be able to stop her. Classic handshake does not give us this possibility: if the man likes to shake a hand, you’re doomed to endure to the end.

2.Nobody does

If the handshake wrist was a common practice, there would be no need to clarify that it’s «wrist». It would be by itself. What congratulations we have now?

  • shake hands;
  • to come up with fancy greetings with his fists;
  • shake hands and the other hand to Pat each other on the shoulder.

And this, in your opinion, is the diversity? We all missing? When was the last time you saw the person who pushed the other wrist? Exactly. Start with yourself and immediately cease to be a regular guy.

3. It looks more masculine

The more we delve into history, the more courage we find in past generations. There’s a reasonable explanation: over time to survive, it becomes easier, men no longer need to be a dork. However, if we begin to colonize space, standards can change dramatically. Here’s a hierarchy of masculinity depending on the chronology:

  • the ancient Greeks;
  • the ancient Romans;
  • knights of the round table;
  • pirates;
  • cowboys;
  • the lost generation (the world wars);
  • …we are.

Look where in the hierarchy we are, and where the Spartans (they are included in the category «the ancient Greeks»). We are clearly losing them. If you want to associate with their courage, how they say Hello.

The mechanics of the process itself is picturesque. When two men are grabbing each other’s wrists, they seem to stretch each other a helping hand. Pull of the abyss or let fall from the plane.

4.It’s more hygienic

Everyone knows that our hands are a breeding ground for infection. How many bacteria on our wrists? Not exactly sure, but perhaps less than on their hands. Logical: you’re not grasping the wrists for food, door handles, buttons flush in a public toilet.

What are people doing with their hands? It’s disgusting. As soon as I see it, I want to get up and wash my hands. You can’t trust anyone. How do I know what they were doing with their hands?

5.It’s just better

Shake of the wrist is a completely different thing than shake hands. So people become closer to each other (at least in space), and the gesture looks more powerful than a normal handshake. Shaking hands by the wrist at the same time and friendly («we are friends, we are so close that they can take each other by the wrists»), and adequately for a first acquaintance («we don’t know each other well, but trying to make strong ties»).

And when to shake hands, what does this gesture? «I want you to establish physical contact while remaining as far away from you.»

In General, a trifle, but nice.

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