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manygoodtips.com_14.07.2015_eA1YA60eLgpJ7Before you read this article, I want to warn you: loves and respects the ladies. However, we are not to blame for the fact that many famous Chu… no, dude they do not dare to call. So, it’s not our fault that many great men is very controversial comments about women. So if you’re fighter for the rights of ladies, a feminist or simply a charming girl, no offense to us.

Alexander Lukashenko

Many feminists are very offended by the word «Father». They regarded them as the image of «weaker sex» that supposedly men are a step above women. Although he only said:

«I have somewhere said that it was our guys fault that the woman today, the woman replaced the man. It’s our fault. So I’m sorry. We have failed the men for some women. The fact that they have had to find, they began to look for in a woman. Therefore, I regret to perceive that lesbianism.»And what is there to be offended?

Albert Einstein

The character physics and the hero of the stories about the disciple who proved to the Professor that God exists (despite the fact that he was an atheist), Einstein his sentence tried to explain what a good deal not be called marriage, and in General, any Union with a woman never ends well.

A woman marries hoping to change a man, the man in the hope that the woman will never change. Thus, disappointment is inevitable.

Timothy Leary

A very controversial statement of the famous writer, but someone seems true.

«Women who seek to be equal with men lacks ambition.»

Friedrich Nietzsche

First of all, when you begin to study Nietzsche, wondering what he hated so much ladies? Otherwise hatred is not called. See for yourself.

«The woman was the second mistake of God.»«Is it not better to fall into the hands of killers than in the dreams of Horny women?»«The most pleasant woman has a bitter taste.»And here Frederick gives rise to the well-known axiom that smart women are not good that was a hundred times proved.

«If a woman has intelligence, then it is not okay with sexuality.»According to one version, a large barbel hurt unrequited love for one person. Maybe no hate and was not. Just been thinking a lot about women, but nothing good mighty philosophical brain could not come up.


In fact, Ovid voiced the dream of all Forever alone on Earth.

«If we come to terms that women do not touch, –

Women themselves, I swear, to touch started us.»

Alexander Bashirov

There is an actor Alexander Bashirov. The actor is so-so, but manages to play colorful characters. At the time, this is his statement provoked a wave of hatred, although many supported him.

«Only to Russian women, it comes too late. Still Anna Ioannovna 20 years, lived in German lands, so it is a little different. And 99 percent of Russian women are engaged in the destruction of himself and of all living things. That Anna Karenina did a meat – and why, you ask? A woman can explain everything, but when she asked a specific question «Why?» she can’t answer. Feminism got me. Now, where’s your independence. Most modern Directors were women, because it is very profitable to have their social status and what is the result? For women it is better to be a seller in the kiosk.»


A friend of Catherine II, the great philosopher usually spoke of ladies delicately, but in his Arsenal there are interesting statements like extremely apt:

«Woman is a human being who dresses, talks and undresses.»There is one with which many will agree:

«I’m crazy about women, especially if they are beautiful and malleable.»

Denis Diderot

If we are still reading ladies, then shakes itself into their heads (I hope you don’t). Diderot not bad advice.

«When men are disrespectful to women, this almost always shows that it was first forgotten in his treatment of them.»

George Moore

A bit harsh realities from «Sunny» Ireland from the strict philosopher.

«In Ireland the girl has a choice of eternal virginity and eternal pregnancy.»

Charles Louis de Montesquieu

And there is nothing to say. If you think that all women are snakes, you will support Montesquieu.

«Women have three life periods: in the first one they act on the nerves to his father, the second husband, the third son-in-law.»

Arthur Schopenhauer

But Schopenhauer said quite clearly that Akhmatova, George sand and singer Rada Rai and other notable ladies, despite his talent, geniuses are not suitable. That’s right, ladies are not able to analyze, but it is stunningly reflective.

«Women can have great talent, but not genius, for they always subjective.»

Jerome Klapka Jerome

Stunning English satirist, author of the adventures of three friends in the boat with the dog very accurately conveyed the essence of maiden.

«I believe that if it were to move to a deserted island the two women, they would be every day to argue about what kind of sea shells and bird eggs are more suitable for decorations, and every month would come up with a new style for a Fig leaf.»

Scott Cruz


«From the point of view of biology, if something bites you, it is likely a female.»

Henrik Good

It was considered a good scholar of the relationship between a man and a woman. But his most famous aphorism, it is certainly recorded, sitting at the bar after another disappointment in the ladies.

The woman says the window curtain. The pattern is pretty, but the world won’t see.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Maestro a lot and very accurate in my long and happy life said about a weak field. Was a hard saying, such as:

«Smart women do not exist. There is the beauty of what stupid and awful what fools.»There are softer, from those that reflect, rather, how they see the weaker sex, men:

«Women are divided into young and others.»In milder, but instructive:

«A woman can do anything, only she must constantly explain what we are doing now.»«As beautiful women who love You! Leave them easier with such high spirits.»«What attracts a woman, usually with the years passes.» «Never lie down with a woman who has more problems than you have.»And it is quite harsh:

«Virginity is curable.»And do not argue. All clear, for sure. Knew what says the beggar.

Diogenes Of Sinope

And the end bit of antique misogyny with stories about famous ancient inhabitant of the barrel.

Seeing sudakevich women, Diogenes said: «One is a Viper the other takes the poison on loan».»And finally, just epic, which is difficult to comment:

«Seeing women udivishsya on an olive tree, he exclaimed: «would that all trees bore such fruit!»»

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