Sex on the first date

Sex on the first date


In the movie «Cowboy Marlboro and Harley Davidson» was the phrase that «a good woman fast legs open». Such education many of the girls on the first date not want to kiss you on the cheek. Some are strongly against kissing with tongue, because «it is not on the first date». But regarding sex… Scary the number of girls and scares a number of guys sure that sex on the first date is bad. On the second, and the first whore. All the advantages of the girls are just after she had given herself on the first date. Smart? Interesting? With a sense of humor? Schopenhauer Quotes? Gave on the first date? Only suitable for copulation!

I remember that was a pretty ridiculous story about a young Catholic who insisted on… anal sex on the first date. Because it doesn’t count!

It is actually much easier. We’re civilized people, man. This does not mean that on the first date need to Twitter about abstract topics, and to hide a yawn. If there is a yawn, why are you Dating her? Sex on the first date — it’s the same thing, starting to read an interesting book, not stand and read the last page, knowing it will all end. It’s the lack of patience. You went through all those heads, looked, as it began to evolve and move on. You didn’t open other pages, and just decided to come to an end. Well, in the end, you know? And all the rest?

On the pages of women’s magazines this topic is discussed so often that to compare it with something else hard. Most women agree that it is necessary to give as late as possible to «male longed coveted the forbidden fruit even stronger.» They just don’t understand one thing: too long, too bad, the male can simply walk away because he was tired. The girl who does not give on the first date, becomes in the eyes of these girls in such a Queen. From the situation resembles a carrot dangling a few inches from the head of a donkey. Goes the donkey, pulls the cart and the carrot closer becomes. But if you get to the destination, then the carrot may give.

You must understand that if you’re a sweet girl, she just wants you as you are of it. It’s obvious! But no sex on the first date really makes sense. If it happened once, you put the man in his comfort zone, closer to him. And then it turns out that you don’t know her. As in the case with a book, you enjoy it, I know how it will end. But you didn’t come to that. The ending may disappoint, but the story can be cool. Besides, the ending can considerably spoil the impression from the sequel, if you know what I mean.

When you’re a little postpone first sex, it becomes much more desirable. Especially when the way to it you encourage yourself with passionate kisses and sweet gatherings. Basically, you pull the situation to the limit. But what is most important: even if the sex is no good, he’ll love it, because you are well waited. At least will have a sense of satisfaction. A couple of years kissing will cease to have value, but the first time you have sex you will remember only positive, like first kisses.

I don’t know many examples, when sex on a first date in something develops. You simply are not well know each other, and started to lose interest in each other because they know the ending. Dude, when you read the book and know her ending (if not a classic, and so know how it ends; though the classic, too), you’re much harder to read the book further. And uninteresting. But we are adults. And being an adult is hard, I agree! We need some privileges given the fact that we can and will have sex on the first date. Just know, man: you’re gonna kill something that’s not even started. Be the first sex we will remember very long. I’m your kind of sex do not remember. And I had it twice in my relatively short life. The reason for nezaposlenosti — lack of emotional podkreplennost. Grostete, man!

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